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The Convenience of Drive-Thru depends on Innovation

Make sure your drive-thru is running on all cylinders – reduce errors while improving efficiency with a turn key solution.

Order Accuracy can Mean Repeat Business

Improved sound quality increases order accuracy, resulting in better customer experiences leading to repeat business. Neither customers nor food serve employees will become frustrated.


Reducing Order Confusion Can Translate to Repeat Business

With a history in outstanding hi-fi technology, you can depend on us to translate that into a drive-thru solution. The Panasonic Connect Attune HD Restaurant Communication system features a noise-cancelling, 457 headset and that translates into enhanced clarity and reducing order confusion.


Performance - It's All in the Numbers

Our iQtimer solftware counts transactions by the hour and for a multiple-store owners, reports averages can be accessed remotely so you have direct insights into how your business is performing no matter where you are. 

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