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There's Nothing Like Real Time Date

Garner performance insites and maximize efficiency by utilizing real-time data analytics across your whole store …. Those insights will provide the picture that can help increase your profitability

Data translates into a Positive Customer Experience

Panasonic Connect Clearview back-office analytics gives you real-time data into peak times, employee schedules and food integrity, making sure you can optimize your store for a better customer experience and keep your customers coming back


Financial Insights from one dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard will help you build accurate plans and monitor real-time results at the restaurant, organization and company level.


Information at your fingertips

Access real-time reporting for collaboration and immediate, data-driven decision making that can have an immediate impact on improving profitability.

Learn more about ClearConnect Solutions and Hardware

Learn how to maximize profits and create efficiencies across your entire organization by simplifying a complex ecosystem of hardware and software for the food service and retail markets.
Advanced restaurant management, point-of-sale and wireless communication systems for the retail, food service & hospitality industries.