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In order to satisfy their speed and daily volume requirements, a reputable talent agency needed to improve their daily scanning operation.


With the Panasonic KV-S3105C production scanner already in use for many years, a product upgrade would satisfy their daily production volume requirements and enhance their scanning needs with the Panasonic Image Capture Plus software.


The Panasonic Image Capture Plus software paired with two KV-S8147 production scanners expedited the talent agency’s scanning process and eliminated delays for the vast amount of talent profiling completed for multiple clients daily.

The key to success

Loyal Panasonic customer who is a reputable talent agency, has been using the Panasonic KV-S3105C production scanner for centralized document scanning amongst the 7 member team. While their current KV-S3105C has been in operation for many years, a need to improve their daily scanning operation was identified. So, they decided to upgrade their existing scanner with two KV-S8147 scanners, which satisfied their speed and daily volume requirements. In addition, the included Panasonic Image Capture Plus software provided scanning automation features to enhance their daily scanning needs.

Why the KV-S8147? 

Scanning speed and reliability

The robust 140PPM / 280IPM scanning engine, hardware image processing and jam/error-free operation during the initial evaluation period motivated the group to choose the KV-S8147.

High capacity feeding 

The large 750 sheet original document feeder allowed this talent agency to scan their large document batches without having to split them up versus the competitive products evaluated.

Job scanning using Image Capture Plus, streamlined daily operation 

The included Panasonic Image Capture Plus capture software provided the ability to create multiple job scanning workflows which allows documents to be immediately scanned, previewed as the documents were being scanned and automatically output to the designated file repository.

Customizable double feed notification 

With the ability to customize the double feed notification area, scanning documents with receipts and sticky notes was simple and easy while preventing the double feed notification from appearing. They easily set the double feed detection area 3 inches from the top edge since notes or receipts are never placed in that area of the document. Thus, preventing a double feed notification from occurring once the first 3 inches of a document is scanned.

We frequently attach notes to most of our documents like talent profile sheets and the customizable double feed detection area was major time saver by preventing the double feed detection from detecting the sticky notes and receipts.