Stonehenge of Orem


Stonehenge of Orem, a nursing facility in Utah, offers physical rehabilitation for patients after surgery, joint replacement, strokes or heart attacks, with 24/7 care and treatment from nurses, CNAs, physical therapists and dieticians. Because of the nature of the work done at the facility, it relies heavily on alarm management and integrated phone systems for caregiver-patient communication. When the nurse call system previously in use at the facility began to fail, it was forced to replace its technology to continue to provide the highest quality care for patients.


To replace its previous communications system, Panasonic’s KX-DTU100s were installed throughout the facility, equipped with Poltys’ Direct Care Connect platform.

Direct Care Connect is an alarm management application that escalates and records alarm response time for caregivers, and allows nurses and patients to interact in real-time without requiring a room visit when one is not necessary. By categorizing and prioritizing alarms, caregivers are able to respond effectively according to each patient’s needs. Alarm notifications can be received on a variety of devices, from Panasonic handsets to cordless terminals and even via SMS or email messages to caregivers’ cell phones.

The KX-DTU100 Digital Communication Terminals provide rapid, smooth communication between patients and caregivers, with easy-to-hear, easy-to-use duplex speakerphones and large volume buttons. The terminals can be docked bedside or mounted on the wall for placement in patient rooms or bathrooms where patients may require assistance in emergencies, promoting patient safety.


With their new unified communications solution, administrators at Stonehenge noticed an increase in caregiver productivity and improved patient care as a result of streamlined communication. Von Gordon, Owner of Hello Communications, was involved in the facility’s transition to the Panasonic devices. “We were looking to make an upgrade and knew we would be able to make the switch that would meet our needs when Panasonic’s solution came out,” he said. “We then replaced everything in the whole facility with DTU100’s and their productivity went up quite a bit.”

Nurses were empowered to be more efficient, prompt and accountable, as the Direct Care Connect application tracks their individual response times to patient alarms, by caregiver and by room. Garrick Gallardo, Territory Account Manager at Panasonic shared that the new system “ultimately lowers the response time and increases the productivity of the staff here at the assisted living facility,” by providing real-time data to supervisors, including specifics like “call light time, response time, unanswered calls and how quickly the caregiver physically made it to the room.”

Furthermore, the integration of the phone system and the nurse call system is so flexible and reliable that nurses and medical staff can be kept up to date on their patients from wherever they are, as opposed to having sit by the phone in case an alarm rings. This renewed trust in their technology has increased caregivers faith in their own abilities, improving morale and in turn, performance. Tim Claybaugh, Administrator at Stonehenge of Orem said, “It works, and it always works. I don’t have to go home from my job and worry that something goes out overnight. It’s nice to be able to provide that for our staff. It also helps with staff retention because they don’t want a piece of equipment to cause an issue where it makes them look like they weren’t providing adequate care.”

The new unified communications solution, implemented by Panasonic, has offered Stonehenge staff and residents streamlined communication and reduced worry, allowing each party to communicate with the other as quickly as necessary, and has improved the employee culture, instilling in caregivers a renewed dedication and drive to better serve patients.