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"I love the Space Player. The form factor makes it a natural fit for high-end spaces. The unit is quiet, it doesn't add a lot of heat to a room and it produces an amazing image with fantastic color reproduction. The Space Player is extremely versatile: the amount of mounting angles and keystone adjustment allow for use just about anywhere. I love how a simple lighting track functions as both mount and power source. I find myself looking around retail locations at their boring track lighting and imagining how cool a Space Player would be instead."

iVideo Technologies is a leading supplier of products and services for the audio, video, and broadcast industries throughout the Midwest.


Q: What was your first impression of the Space Player?

A: It has a very cool form factor. I like the high-end look and the many mounting options. I immediately started imagining installation solutions that were not possible before.

Q: Have you tested the Space Player and what is your opinion?

A: I have used the Space Player extensively and it is impressive. I love how much keystone correction is available and the image is bright and clear with top-quality color.

Q: What makes this product special or valuable in your opinion?

A: The Space Player has an uncommon form factor that makes for easy installation in areas that are focused on people and having an experience.

Q: If someone called you and asked “Why should I try the Space Player”, what would you tell them?

A: The Space Player is great and you won't be sorry. It's maintenance free: no bulb and no filter and it takes 20,000hrs of use to get to half-brightness. The color reproduction is superb. It can be used where other projectors would be an eyesore.

Q: What has been your experience working with Panasonic?

A: Working with Panasonic has been a joy. Panasonic is committed to being the best and working with the best. They are a true partner and team player. Their quality is proven and they are always innovating.

Panasonic has great customer service and can be counted on, even when things don't go as planned the first time. My local rep is always available and he goes the extra mile every time. Customer service is his mantra. Panasonic's quality is second to none and I can trust my customers in the hands of this great brand. Not only would I recommend Panasonic, but I can say I lead with Panasonic because they are a true partner in my success and the success of my clients
Matt Chorba CTA, iVideo Technologies