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Solar savings locked-in ahead of California's NEM 2.0 deadline

GreenHomeSystems Solar


Get approvals and permits ahead of California’s NEM 2.0 expiration.


A high efficiency system powered by Panasonic EVPV solar panels.


A near net-zero home that reduces utility grid reliance by 95%.

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Project Details


  • Solar panel installer: Green Home Systems, Northridge, CA - Panasonic Elite Installer
  • Property type: 1,465 square foot single-family home in Garden Grove, CA
  • Solar products used: 21 Panasonic EVERVOLT® EVPV360PK 360-watt panels with Enphase IQ8+ microinverters
  • System size: 7.56 kW
  • Power production: 11,484kWh annually, estimated to generate 957 kWh of power monthly


This retired homeowner was looking for a way to reduce his utility bill and increase the value of his home. The big challenge with this project was getting plans approved and permits issued in time for the Southern California Edison Application deadline for NEM 2.0 (net energy metering).

“The customer request was to ensure we get him locked into the more attractive NEM 2.0,” says Green Home Systems project manager, Raymond Jimenez. “He was worried we could not make this happen.”

Another challenge from a design perspective was maximizing power output on the small roof space.


The key to beating the NEM 2.0 expiration deadline was an expedited permit approval process. “The building permit office knows the Panasonic EVPV360 panels well, which helped shorten approval times,” Jimenez explained. 

To maximize the small roof space, “Panasonic EVPV360 panels were the obvious choice,” he said. Panasonic EVPV360 panels output maximum solar power on small roofs and in shaded areas.

“As a project manager, I like Panasonic projects because most installers are familiar with their EVPV panels which makes it easier to tackle the job,” said Jimenez. “Also, the smaller panel footprint allows me to squeeze in a few extra panels to increase power output when needed.”

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The happy retiree is now producing his own electricity and supporting the environment with clean renewable energy. The system will produce an estimated 11,484 kWh of clean electricity annually and reduce grid use by 95%. This home is almost net zero.

Since the installer frequently works with Panasonic panels, he was able to complete this installation in one day. "Installers love working with Panasonic panels because they are more durable and easier to work with,” says Jimenez. “When we offer our installers a new project, they are more likely to take it on when they know we’ve specified Panasonic."

A quality solar investment proved to be an excellent way for the homeowner to stretch his funds and enjoy his retirement. “Thanks to our quality workmanship and competitive pricing, he will enjoy low energy costs locked-in for years to come.”

This once again proves the point that a trusted relationship with your solar manufacturer and installer should be given careful consideration.