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Same space, double the power output

solar panels


Working around space limitations to replace an old ground mount solar panel system.


A Panasonic high efficiency solar panel system designed & installed by an Elite installer.


Double the power production of old system with an 80% reduction in homeowner’s electricity bill.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Solar Price Discovery, Northridge, CA - Panasonic Elite Installer
  • Customer: Private homeowner
  • Property type: 6,600 square foot home on 1.1 acres in Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Solar products used: 36 Panasonic HIT® 340+ Series panels, ground-mounted
  • Power production: 12.2kW, estimated to generate 2.08 MWh of power monthly


The first challenge was deciding between a roof mount or ground mount system. Because the roof was slate tile, it was decided to install a ground mount and not risk damaging the roof. But the bigger challenge was space limitation, and why choosing the right solar panels was important.

“Since this was a ground mount installation we were limited on how many panels we were able to fit,” said Ariel Yemini, owner of Solar Price Discovery, a Panasonic Elite Installer.

"By using Panasonic solar panels, we were able to double the production of the older system."


Solar Price Discovery designed a powerful ground-mount clean energy power plant using 36 Panasonic HIT® 340-watt high efficiency solar panels, along with 36 SolarEdge P400 power optimizers and a SolarEdge 11400 HD-Wave Grid Tie inverter.

“The Panasonic 340+ enabled us to maximize available space while not compromising on panel efficiency and keeping power production high," said Yemini. "We were actually able to double the production of the older system.”


Solar panels - Solar Discovery
Solar Panels - Solar Discovery
Solar Panels on house


The 12.2 kW renewable energy system will produce about 2MWh (or 2,000 kWh) of clean electricity monthly. Eco-friendly comparisons are equal to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from about 43,000 miles driven by the average passenger car and CO2 emissions from 19,000 pounds of coal burned.

In addition, the system offsets grid power used, and a proportionate reduction in the homeowner’s electricity bill, by a whopping 80%.

Partnering with a solar leader like Panasonic pays dividends for all.

“Solar systems may look and cost the same but they may not save money the same,” said Yemini. “Being an authorized Panasonic installer helps us build long-term confidence with our clients and allows us to provide high quality solar products and a stronger 25-year warranty.”

The customer was 100% satisfied too.

"The process went smoothly, the team was very detail oriented, and Solar Price Discovery provided us with excellent customer service," said the happy homeowner.

Another big win for homeowner bank accounts. Another huge win for the planet.