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Regiscope helps supply chain, transportation and logistics customers meet security and compliance requirements

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Regiscope chose the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1 to combine with their software for a reliable, rugged  and easy-to-use mobile yard visitor management solution. Find out how Regiscope enables greater visibility into yard gate management and operational efficiency while meeting security and compliance requirements.


Regiscope delivers an end-to-end yard visitor management solution to help customers streamline driver entry and exit at distribution centers in a secure, verified and trackable manner. Regiscope’s clients previously used manual and laborious processes like pen and paper to register and validate when vehicles entered and exited a property before switching to a desktop-based software leveraging separate cameras, scanners, servers and databases. Over time, Regiscope realized they needed a mobile platform that could connect to their existing cloud servers, support their software and offer customers a standardized way to record driver entry and exit at distribution centers across the entire supply chain.


After testing several different handheld devices, Regiscope chose the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® N1 to bring a rugged, reliable and easy-to-use mobile solution to support their need to produce hourly and daily reports to optimize operations and meet compliance standards. From its compact size that allows it to fit in the palm of a user’s hand, to the angled rear-facing barcode reader, long battery life, ability to integrate with Regiscope’s software, and support from Panasonic’s ProServices team, the TOUGHBOOK N1 was the ideal solution to ensure greater visibility into an organization’s yard gate management.


Since introducing the TOUGHBOOK N1, Regiscope is now working with 50 customers across the United States. Over time the solution has helped customers streamline operations, increase communication and operate with better efficiency and reporting. The barcode scanner on the TOUGHBOOK N1 coupled with a centralized database and connection to the Verizon 4G LTE network allows workers to scan vehicle identification numbers (VIN), driver licenses and other documents to quickly validate and record the information of those on the property.

For us, it’s all about providing our customers with the tools needed to meet security and compliance requirements and the TOUGHBOOK N1 was the clear front-runner because of its rugged design, ease of use and reliability.
John Adams CEO of Regiscope

Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, Regiscope provides an end-to-end yard gate visitor management solution that helps distribution centers streamline entry and exit in a secure, verified and trackable manner. When initially founded, the company’s clients used manual processes like clipboard and paper before transitioning to desktop computers and monitors to register and validate drivers on a customer’s property. As the needs of workers expanded, mobility became more of a priority and portability of devices was key for overall efficiency and flexibility.

After years with a desktop-based system, Regiscope wanted to replace it with ruggedized mobile devices to improve productivity and streamline operations for yard gate security. The team tested various size devices before settling on the TOUGHBOOK N1 for its small form factor, wide variety of features and support from Panasonic.

For companies, yard gate management requires visibility of deliveries and drivers throughout different types of cargo handling facilities. With accurate data entry processes and solutions, companies can monitor for shipment theft, undocumented drivers or unscheduled deliveries and pickups. The overall care from Panasonic’s ProServices team was a key factor for Regiscope because of the support that would be provided throughout the entire deployment process. The comprehensive solution not only streamlines workflows and increases security, but it helps supply chain managers meet compliance regulations.

We would not have been able to streamline our approach and meet compliance regulations without Panasonic.
John Adams CEO of Regiscope

Regiscope can easily load its software directly onto the device to offer a complete solution to customers to produce hourly and daily reports for better operations management. From the point of entry, guards serve as the first line of a security checkpoint, so the device helps them properly identify the drivers picking up or delivering cargo. Once a driver is in the facility, a clerk at distribution can record what shipment a driver is assigned to, and when a driver leaves. In a single day, distribution centers can have more than 400 vehicles enter and exit the facility, and reporting needs to be accurate. In some instances, such as at Certified Cargo Screening Facilities and C-TPAT facilities, if identities, trucks and shipments are not correctly recorded the company can be charged with heavy compliance fines.

The TOUGHBOOK N1 device’s compact, rugged design makes it helpful in settings where users are in facilities moving between trucks to scan and validate people and shipments. The handheld size also makes it easy for guards to carry the device with them in their hand or pocket, and the touchscreen allows them to enter information manually with their finger or stylus when needed. The angled rear-facing barcode scanner helps guards quickly scan a driver’s license, VIN and other documents to validate a driver or shipment in real-time.

The device can be paired with a Bluetooth keyboard which is helpful if the user works at a window and therefore does not leave the building or station. Once a driver is verified by the solution, all information is stored in a central database that can be accessed from any device and location so a manager or clerk can gather the real-time location of a driver, the date of delivery, trailer number, shipment number, photos and more. The TOUGHBOOK N1 also provides a long-lasting battery so workers do not need to worry about the device dying mid-shift.

Regiscope leverages the SOTI MOBIControl app from the SOTI ONE Platform to replace the standard device home screen with a customizable interface that provides the user access to authorized applications. With the ability to connect securely and reliably to the Verizon 4G LTE network, the solution eliminates the challenges IT teams face of having to connect to a company’s network. 

Thanks to the reliable wireless capabilities of TOUGHBOOK, the device connects to Regiscope’s cloud server which allows teams to easily configure it for customers at each location, train and support users and complete software updates remotely.

“It’s not only the support from the Panasonic team, but it’s also the TOUGHBOOK N1 and the SOTI software. When all three elements are added together you have a successful solution,” said Adams.