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Phoenix Police Department Meets CJIS Requirements



Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the U.S. with more than 1.5 million residents. The Phoenix Police Department has more than 3,800 officers and support personnel. They patrol nearly 516 square miles.
The FBI instituted a Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) mandate requiring strong, two-factor authentication when accessing the criminal justice database. Strong security is required regardless of where access to the information occurs—mobile devices or desktops at police stations and headquarters.
The Phoenix Police Department’s access was limited to desktop computers at Phoenix police stations and headquarters. The Police Department needed a solution that would meet the CJIS requirement so personnel with mobile devices outside of the station could also access the database. Additionally, the IT Department wanted a solution that supports their strong password policy while easing the user’s burden of creating and maintaining them.


The Department deployed DigitalPersona authentication and endpoint protection software on all of the sheriff’s Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs to meet the CJIS requirement for two-factor authentication on mobile devices. DigitalPersona provides the Phoenix Police Department personnel with quick, secure access to criminal records while in the field and in the office.
DigitalPersona provides strong, multi-factor authentication that is managed via Active Directory, allowing the sheriff’s office to leverage its existing infrastructure without a major server reconfiguration. The sheriff’s office uses Group Policy tools to push out changes to its fleet of laptops and tailor settings for user groups, providing access to only the information needed to perform specific duties.
All of the sheriff’s office laptops, Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs, are equipped with DigitalPersona software and U.are.U® fingerprint readers, which eliminates the need for deputies to remember lengthy passwords, enables for a swift logon experience, and allows single sign-on to other applications throughout the working day.


The Phoenix Police Department field personnel are now able to access criminal justice information from their notebooks instead of waiting until they are back at headquarters. This allows officers, detectives and support staff to retrieve critical information as needed.
“The sheer size of our network places a tremendous strain on our Department’s IT staff as they work to enable secure access to criminal justice information,” said Bob Erdely, network security administrator, Phoenix Police Department. “DigitalPersona’s solution helps us comply with the CJIS requirements, while making it easier for our users to create and manage secure passwords.”
Using fingerprint biometrics with the HID® DigitalPersona® Pro solution lets users create strong passwords without the need to remember or type them. This has significantly reduced forgotten password calls to the helpdesk.

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs equipped with DigitalPersona Pro helps us comply with the CJIS two-factor authentication requirement.
Bob Erdely, Network Security Administrator Phoenix Police Department