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Passaic County Social Services

Passaic County Social Services case study


Passaic County Social Services, the county’s social services and welfare agency, was looking for a cost-effective scanning solution that would be compatible with New Jersey’s scanning requirements for state documents. The agency was looking for a trusted vendor to supply them with a solution that could help its staff be more productive and meet critical business objectives.


After reviewing and testing scanners from competitors, Passaic County Social Services found that Panasonic’s KV-S8147 solution was cost-effective, reliable and able to integrate with existing platforms and technologies. Duplitron, a Kyocera company and a Panasonic authorized reseller partner, worked with the agency and Panasonic to identify the KV-S8147 as an appropriate solution because of its ability to scan stacks of critical documents like birth certificates, social security cards and pay stubs quickly, providing much needed time and resource savings for the team.


The team at Passaic County Social Services is tasked with handling services related to child care, child support, Medicaid, emergency assistance and food stamps, and needed a solution that would help them process critical documents for New Jersey residents. After selecting Panasonic’s scanners, the Passaic County Social Services staff now has an efficient scanning solution to help meet their needs, giving staff time to focus on their primary job functions instead of administrative tasks that accompany their roles.

Passaic County Social Services needed a scanning solution that would be compatible with New Jersey’s requirements for scanning state documents. Because of these requirements, Passaic County Social Services wanted to be certain that the scanners they invested in would be able to meet those needs while proving to be valuable assets to the staff who would be using them each day.

“Before working with Panasonic, we wanted to ensure that the scanning solutions we invested in would help our staff day-to-day while also meeting our critical business objectives. When we decided to look for a new solution, we compared the Panasonic scanner to the model we were already using. We found that the Panasonic scanner was cost effective, faster and able to meet the state’s needs for document scanning, which was one of our top priorities, and decided to go with it.”
Janet McDaniel Chief of Administrative Services, Training Administrator and Child Support Administrator

Selecting the KV-S8147 scanner fundamentally improved operational efficiency at Passaic County Social Services, enabling the agency to be quicker and more responsive by utilizing a combination of three high-performance scanners of the same model to meet their needs. Additionally, the team at Passaic County Social Services was impressed with how user-friendly the scanners were for the staff and how much they increased the team’s production.

“We have been working with Duplitron for more than 25 years and have been very pleased with the level of service and commitment that their team demonstrates. We love the fact that the team is very hands-on and always makes sure that our agency is up and running with the necessary equipment to get the job done. We ultimately selected Panasonic because we knew that this model was the most reliable scanner to help us with our specific goals.”
Janet McDaniel

Once Passaic County Social Services chose the KV-S8147 to support its operations, they instantly noticed how quickly they were able to complete tasks as well as the top of the line features and functionality that helped reduce production scanning costs, giving them a substantial return on their investment.

“Panasonic’s scanners save us a lot of time and have been very reliable scanners for our team. We are very pleased with the Panasonic KV-S8147 scanners and will look to purchase more based on our needs.”
Janet McDaniel