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Noregon outfits technicians with rugged devices to withstand tough shop environments

The trucking industry has a major impact on the U.S. economy. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), trucks transport more than 70 percent of all freight tonnage around the country. For such a vast and intricate system to function reliably, transportation providers and their fleet service centers must be equipped with highly reliable service diagnostic and repair systems to keep fleets efficient and operating with reliable vehicles.

Maintaining a vehicle’s health status is imperative for a fleet to operate their vehicles efficiently. Chris Spears, President and CEO of ATA, commented “Monitoring a vehicle’s health status in order to make informed decisions on servicing and maintaining a company’s fleet of trucks is a vital tool in today’s competitive transportation market.”


When a commercial truck breaks down, fleets require minimal downtime to remain profitable. To shorten the amount of time vehicles spend in the shop, Noregon needed to provide its service center customers with a technology solution that expedited the diagnosis and repair processes. Due to the rugged nature of repair facilities, the hardware solution provided had to be capable of functioning in the toughest environments.


Traditional business-class laptops were not up to the task, so Noregon researched devices and chose to utilize Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops and tablets for their diagnostic and repair service kit solutions. To date they have rolled out more than 5,000 of their service kits, with Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs, to service centers across the country and managed an additional 2,500 of their customers’ TOUGHBOOKs. Each time a service kit is sold, Noregon rests easy knowing that these rugged mobile devices are able to withstand hits from heavy tools or parts, spills, and extreme temperatures. 


Offering a flawless performance in regards to computing device uptime and wireless connectivity, blended with the truly rugged nature of the device, Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs have helped Noregon grow its business and customer base. The reliable performance of the TOUGHBOOK has increased customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. To date they have rolled out more than 5,000 of their service kits, with Panasonic TOUGHBOOKs, to service centers across the country and managed an additional 2,500 of their customers’ TOUGHBOOKs.

Noregon recognized that their industry-leading diagnosis and repair software, JPRO, needed to pair with a top-in-class mobile computing solution to reach its full potential. In order to keep up with the demand for a quality device in the shop environment, the company knew that business class laptops were not the ideal solution.

After testing the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, Noregon realized it had found a solution that could not only withstand the tough shop conditions, but also deliver the performance necessary for technicians to quickly service vehicles with the accuracy needed for long-lasting repairs.

“Fleets don’t make money with trucks on the side of the road, and service centers don’t make money when their techs don’t have the tools to properly diagnose and repair vehicles,” added Tim Bigwood, Noregon's Chief Operating Officer.

Service bays can be a tough environment on electronics. These diesel technicians are using heavy tools and chemicals that can easily damage an electronic device and less rugged devices just weren’t cutting it.
Tim Bigwood Noregon's Chief Operating Officer

Noregon’s success as the leader in vehicle health and safety solutions is dependent on its ability to deliver quick, reliable, and accurate diagnoses and repairs – regardless of weather, shop conditions, or accessibility. With Panasonic, Noregon found a technology partner that champions those same values.

Panasonic recognizes Noregon as a strategic partner due to their focus on the customer experience surrounding the quality of products and services they provide. Noregon is distinguished as one of a limited number of Panasonic Authorized Service Centers in the USA.

Diesel technicians are meant to fix vehicles not their tools. They need to have solid, reliable tools. Equipped with the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK computers, techs are able to focus on what they do best, repairing trucks and getting them back on the road.
Tim Bigwood Noregon's Chief Operating Officer