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Making the most of America’s fourth sunniest city

solar panels on roof


Install a powerful solar system with a clean design to meet Arizona’s high energy needs.


A high efficiency array using Panasonic EVERVOLT 370-watt solar panels.


Elimination of homeowner’s electricity bill and another Panasonic net-zero home.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: iVee League Solar, Scottsdale, AZ - Panasonic Authorized Installer
  • Property type: One-story single-family home
  • Solar products used: 40 Panasonic EVERVOLT 370-watt solar panels, EVPV370
  • Power production: 14.8kW, estimated to generate over 1,800 kWh of power monthly


Weary of high electric bills from Arizona’s need for 24x7 air conditioning, this Scottsdale homeowner wanted a solar panel system that ideally would completely offset her utility bill. Adding another wrinkle to that, the city's wait time for permit approval had become painstakingly long.


panels on roof drone image


Scottsdale-based Panasonic authorized installer, iVee League Solar, was called in to propose a solar solution that would meet the homeowner’s wishes - completely eliminate her electric bill.

iVee League’s operation manager and engineer worked with the customer to make sure she was fully satisfied with the system design before submitting for permits, HOA, and utility approval.

This is where a professional installer from the Panasonic network becomes so valuable.

“We considered different design configurations since the customer was very particular on where she wanted the panels placed,” said Diego Gonzalez, iVee League Solar Operations Manager.

They decided on an array consisting of 40 Panasonic 370-watt high efficiency solar modules.

front view of house with panels


“The homeowner knew the possibility of still receiving a small utility bill, but we were confident we could offset all of the home’s electricity consumption,” said Gonzalez. “With the help of EVERVOLT panels and our professional system design, we were able to meet the challenge.”

At an annual power production rate of about 21,645 kWh, this solar system delivers the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing 3.5 passenger cars from the road for one year.

Even with the long wait time for permits, the customer was so impressed with how iVee League Solar handled all the hurdles, she has become a company advocate and referred many friends.

Further proof that a world-class product combined with trusted solar professionals can convert sunlight into power and skeptical homeowners into fans.