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i_otrak scanning bureau scanner solutions for small and medium business document management operations

i/oTrak Scanning Bureau Taps Panasonic for Flexible Scanning Solutions to Support Small Businesses

As an end-user and reseller of scanning solutions, the team at i/oTrak has expert knowledge on the best possible scanning solutions needed to meet specific business goals. With previous experience working with a variety of scanner models, the team was looking for something new to enhance day-to-day activity. Choosing the Panasonic KV-S5078Y scanner was an easy choice as the cost and footprint of the device was a fraction of what the team was used to working with, without sacrificing image quality or business efficiency.


i/oTrak, a full-service document and data management company based in Central Florida needed a flexible scanning solution to provide customers with a cost effective operation to scan and store documents. Working with predominantly small to medium sized businesses, i/oTrak needed to find a scanner that was up to speed with high-end commercial products, at a fraction of the cost.


i/oTrak turned to Panasonic to deploy its KV-S5078Y document scanner with Image Capture Plus software, which transfers scanned image data to the user’s secure, personal computer. For its customers in the insurance, human resources and even medical industries, this highspeed, small footprint scanner was the perfect scanning solution to keep costs down while increasing productivity.


By implementing the Panasonic KV-S5078Y document scanner, i/oTrak can deploy the same high-speed functionality as with different scanner brands and models at a fraction of the cost – 50% to be exact. As a small, family-owned business serving other small businesses, cost savings are key to success, especially in a volatile business climate received, allowing them to move forward with their mobile technology projects.

Weighing in at just 40 pounds and operating at whisper quiet noise levels, the KV-S5078Y scanner was much easier to move around to on-site jobs and more pleasant to work with for daily use. Matched with Panasonic’s Image Capture Plus software, as well as direct to network connectivity, the Panasonic scanner boasted an ease of use that the team at i/oTrak was not used to before.

In addition to the scanner’s ease of use, the i/oTrak team was also very impressed with Panasonic’s support offerings. “This is our first Panasonic document scanner in our lineup at i/oTrak and from the installation that took less than an hour to the support offerings, we’re really impressed,” said Troy Lippert, Operations Manager, i/oTrak. “Between the ease of operation, cost of use and Advanced Exchange Warranty, we will definitely look to deploy more Panasonic scanners moving forward as they really prove to be the cost-effective and high-performing answer to our clients’ needs.”

We will definitely look to deploy more Panasonic scanners moving forward as they really prove to be the cost-effective and high performing answer to our clients’ needs.
Troy Lippert Operations Manager, i/oTrak

With the volume of documents i/oTrak is working through each week – roughly 80,000 – the team needed more document scanners to get the job done without breaking the bank or sacrificing the quality of work for which they are known. Panasonic’s scanning solutions, including top-feeder and rescan features provided i/oTrak and its clients the opportunity to increase productivity by saving time and money.

When looking to sell or rent document scanning solutions to customers, Lippert noted that it’s hard to find high performance scanners with top of the line features at a reasonable cost. “We look for solutions with productivity enhancing integration features and no one offers a solution like this at the price point our customers are comfortable with – until we found the Panasonic KVS5078Y.”