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Information Management & Securities LLC

Information Management & Securities LLC Case Study


Information Management & Securities LLC (IMS), a Missouri-based office solution provider and scanning service bureau, offers end-to-end digital imaging, secure document storage and destruction to businesses across industries. Scanning roughly 8.2 million images per year, IMS used a variety of scanner brands every day, making training and collaboration difficult, and had been relying on OCR software that took considerable time to process files.


After demoing a few Panasonic scanners, the IMS team was impressed with the functionality of the drivers and the double-feed capabilities of the KV-S8127 high-volume scanner. As a result, IMS purchased and installed two Panasonic KV-S8127 scanners and a PremierCompression™ license to deliver a complete solution.


The implementation of the KV-S8127 has dramatically improved productivity and production, with one employee able to run both scanners at the same time – something that was previously impossible. Coupled with additional benefits, including the ability to override double feeds and bypass the U-turn paper path to push documents straight-through, the scanners have enabled the IMS team to increase hourly scanning rates from 1,097 images per hour to 4,524 images per hour – a productivity increase of 312 percent.

IMS scanning service bureau streamlines processes for clients with on-site pick up, secure prep, and digitization of documents into named, searchable files that are then pushed to a variety of backend storage ECMs, including Microsoft SharePoint. IMS then handles the subsequent shredding of these documents, per its NAID Certification. These services enable clients to access, review and share important information as needed, saving time and money. To meet client needs, the IMS team relies on its in-house scanners daily, and also operates as a reseller, helping customers select and purchase scanners that best fit their personal or commercial document imaging needs.

Before becoming a Panasonic authorized reseller partner and switching the service bureau units to Panasonic, IMS was using a few scanners from different brands, which were often overwhelmed by the high volume of documents that needed scanning in a short period of time. In particular, the scanners needed to be able to handle different types of paper, including laminated papers, receipts, newspaper clippings, and even business cards, without jamming or triggering the automatic stop. Additionally, the OCR software that IMS was using to digitize documents often did not operate fast enough to handle the daily workload, requiring jobs to run well into the evening to meet client deadlines.

After testing a few scanners, the team was impressed with the drivers on Panasonic’s solutions and chose to purchase two KV-S8127 high volume scanners. From start to finish, the installation took less than four hours, allowing the team to jump back into client work and optimize processes immediately upon installation.

The PremierCompression™ license that IMS purchased with the scanners has also improved productivity and client service, allowing the team to digitize documents faster and reduce wait times. Running on the maximum number of core processors, the PremierCompression™ software increases the speed of the OCR process and compresses large PDF files that are generated from Microfilm and Microfiche. The IMS team is now able to migrate documents in the index and give clients what they need, without the wait.

With these new models in place, the IMS team works faster and with less oversight. Now, both scanners can be operated by one employee at the same time, which was not possible before. The scanners’ double-feed override capabilities and straight pass options allow users to turn off specific sensors to scan documents that may have notes, stickers or other pieces of paper attached, without stopping the scan. Additionally, with similar drivers on all scanners, employees are well equipped to use any machine and can easily collaborate across teams. As a result of the installation, the bureau has increased productivity by 312 percent.

“When we’re asked which scanners our team uses we always recommend Panasonic and our customers usually make the purchase as a result. ”
Vince Fuemmeler President and CEO of IMS

Additionally, the IMS team is comforted knowing that Panasonic support is only a phone call away. “After working with Panasonic for the past two months, we can truly see the difference from other competitors,” said Derek Clithero, Scanning Bureau Manager and IT Specialist, IMS. “When we need to call support, it’s not an automated system or a 1-800 number, and it’s someone that wants to help you. They’ll actually come out to see you on-site rather than keeping you on hold for days. Panasonic’s care and support is unparalleled.”

As a reseller, IMS offers guidance on scanner purchases, with many large clients purchasing new scanners each year. Vince Fuemmeler, President and CEO of IMS shared the company’s experience with Panasonic in this capacity, saying, “When we’re asked which scanners our team uses we always recommend Panasonic and our customers usually make the purchase as a result. Once they install these new models, they no longer need to purchase new scanners each year, and are met with the support they need should any issues arise.”