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Production / Streaming at Allied Esports' HyperX Esports Arena at Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel and Casino with Panasonic PRO PTZ Cameras

More than two dozen Panasonic pan/tilt/zoom cameras are playing key roles in live production at the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, the first permanent esports venue on The Strip. The camera models are the AW-HE130 and AW-HE2 compact PRO PTZs.

[Note: The AW-HE2 camera has been discontinued by Panasonic and replaced by the all-new 4K wide-angle AW-UE4 PRO PTZ camera.]

The 30,000-square-foot, recently opened, multi-level arena is designed to host every form of competitive gaming. As Allied Esports’ global flagship arena, the venue hosts players around the world who compete for the chance to play in Las Vegas against the world’s top competitors across multiple titles.

Systems integrator CBT Systems, based out of Poway, CA, designed, fabricated and provided integration services at the HyperX Esports Arena. According to company president Darrell Wenhardt, there are several distinct production-centric areas in the arena, including the premier production facility that delivers broadcast-quality content to the arena’s two-story LED video wall and live streams across the world.

panasonic aw-he2 replacement he2 alternative AW-UE4 4K POV wide-angle camera for esports livestreaming live stream video production broadcast player POV cam

Wenhardt explained that 15 AW-HE130 remote PTZ cameras support both production and broadcast systems, with two of the cameras placed in the commentators’ booth, two in the studio, and 11 cameras strategically sited around the building for primary use as “player-cams.” A dozen HE2s are typically situated above the players’ screens, as well as assigned to capture stage perspectives and the players’ entrance ramp, and are used for general purpose cameras. Two Panasonic BT-4LH310 4K/2K production monitors are deployed in the studio control room.

esports arena las vegas PTZ camera for studio sports show video production

“We chose the three-sensor HE130 models so we can be assured of avoiding moiré on the LED display, especially if shooting anything other than a static screen,” Wenhardt said. “The HE2’s no-moving-parts design makes it ideal for remote, non-distracting monitoring of the players. And the 4LH310 addresses our need for a reliable broadcast-quality monitor.” The house format at the arena is 1080p/59.94.

POV egaming camera for livestream live streaming broadcast

Mike Buetsch, Technical Operations Manager for the HyperX Esports Arena, said the venue has achieved the objective of being as modular and scalable as possible to handle events ranging from small local gaming to network broadcasts.

We chose the three-sensor HE130 models so we can be assured of avoiding moiré on the LED display, especially if shooting anything other than a static screen.
Darrell Wenhardt President, CBT Systems

“The Panasonic PTZs have been simple to operate, and it’s been highly efficient to bring all the cameras under the same control platform (the AW-RP120 controller),” Buetsch said. “The robotics have been fantastic!”

Buetsch emphasized that, while Allied Esports’ tournaments and high-stakes match-ups are the focus of the arena, the facility has hosted scores of outside events since its launch, ranging from small local gaming shows to major projects of the World Poker Tour, Red Bull, Twitch and the like.

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