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Ground mount solar success in the Arizona heat

solar panels on ground


Working through delays with a small-town utility company not familiar with solar installations.


Employing the expertise and professionalism of a trusted Panasonic Elite installer.


A Panasonic solar-powered home that offsets a considerable portion of the homeowner's electricity requirements.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Sunbright Solar, Tucson, AZ - Panasonic Elite Installer
  • Customer: Private homeowner
  • Property type: Single family home and orchard property
  • Solar products used: 45 Panasonic HIT® 340-watt panels, ground-mount
  • Power production: 15.30 kW, estimated to generate 1,100 kWh of power monthly


In the small southern Arizona town of Bisbee, the public utility folks are not quite up to speed with standard solar installation processes yet.

“When we arrived for powerkill to do our line-side tap, the utility company technician, and even the utility company, weren’t familiar with the solar connectivity process,” said Dan Schippers, project lead at Panasonic Elite installer Sunbright Solar.



solar on ground
solar panels


That is where expert and vetted installers, such as Panasonic Elite level solar companies, are worth their weight in gold.

“The utility company had a lot of questions and we had to go back and forth with the jurisdiction for 5-6 rounds of high level scrutiny,” Schippers said. “The delays were a challenge but in the end we had to take care of the customer and get the job done, which we did.”

A powerful ground-mount configuration was designed using 45 Panasonic HIT® 340-watt high efficiency solar panels and a SolarEdge 11400 HD-Wave inverter.


This 15.30kW solar panel system will provide clean renewable power for the main residence and the building on the orchard. Generating 1,111 kwh of solar power monthly, the system will offset a substantial portion of the household’s total electricity needs.

The homeowner couldn’t have been happier.

“Our experience working with Sunbright Solar has been nothing short of fantastic,” said George (who asked us not to publish his last name). “The team paid great attention to detail and handled the demands and delays by the utility company with professionalism. Once the system was online, they filed the warranty registrations with Panasonic, set us up with a monitoring system, and gave us a thorough system walk-through.”

Another win for eco-conscious (and budget-conscious) homeowners, another win for the environment.