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Couple’s love of Earth gets seal of approval from Mother Nature

Houses with solar panels


The homeowner wanted a solar setup that was efficient, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


Panasonic HIT® 330-watt AC Series solar modules with built-in microinverters.


A solar system that produces enough clean energy to cover 100% of the home’s electricity usage.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Arch Electric, Plymouth, WI
  • Customer: Private homeowner
  • Property type: Detached single-family home
  • Rooftop solar products used: 26 Panasonic HIT® 330W AC Series modules
  • Power production: 8.58 kW, estimated to generate 891 kWh of power monthly

The Challenge

It’s good karma when Mother Nature sends a wink of approval of your eco-friendly ways. When Panasonic Elite Installer, Arch Electric, began a solar system installation for a Wisconsin family, it rained the two whole days the crew was installing the racking and panels. (Read on to find out what happened at the end of the project.)

The homeowners are a young family excited to make the solar switch. They want to set an example for their children on how we can be good stewards of the planet. Aesthetics were also important. They requested a solution that combined high efficiency power output with minimal unsightly piping and equipment visible inside the house.

We love watching our system produce energy, knowing we are doing one more thing to care for our earth.
The Homeowner

The Solution

Panasonic HIT® 330W AC Series modules and a high-output system designed and installed by Arch Electric were the perfect solution. Panasonic AC modules feature a built-in Enphase IQ 7X microinverter which eliminates the need to install a large inverter inside or outside the home. The microinverters are located behind each solar panel, hiding and minimizing wiring and conduit.

The customer couldn’t have been happier with the service.

"Arch Electric was quick and organized with our project,” said the homeowner (who requested their name not be published). “Even in the rain the installers were able to get everything on my roof in only a couple of days, and the office staff took care of the paperwork and made everything simple for us.”

house with solar panels
Solar panels on roof
Solar panels on roof

The Result

The 8.58 kW Panasonic solar system is projected to generate 891 kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable energy monthly, enough to handle the household’s entire electricity needs. This qualifies the house as a net-zero home, meaning it produces as much or more energy than it consumes.

If the home were powered by a fossil fuel power plant, it is comparable to the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of over 18,000 miles driven annually by an average automobile. Now, those emissions will no longer pollute the environment.

“We see so many customers whose main motivation to go solar is the savings, which is not wrong at all,” said Arch Electric’s founder and president, Ed Zinthefer. “But it was refreshing to see the strong green initiative in this young couple.”

“We love watching our system produce energy and knowing that we are doing one more thing to care for our earth", the customer said.

Remember the good karma ending we promised? At the end of the roof install, a lovely rainbow appeared in the sky behind the house. We like to think this was Mother Nature’s way of saying “job well done.”