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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust


Faced with lengthy processes for scanning stock certificates and other items from shareholders, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust, the nation’s fourth largest stock transfer agent, was looking for a new vendor to supply them with solutions that would offer effective and reliable scanning to help them meet critical business objectives. After years of operating with scanning solutions that couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of the job, the team at Continental knew they needed a solution that would enhance their operations and better support the company’s employees.


After working with and considering other manufacturers in the business scanner market, Continental ultimately felt that Panasonic’s systems would meet their needs. Pioneer Business Systems, a provider of printers, copiers and print-related services, worked with Continental and Panasonic to identify the KV-S8127 as an appropriate solution because of its speed, reliability and ability to scan stock certificates and other thick paper items, providing much needed time and resource savings for the team.


The Continental staff now has the scanning tools they need to complete scanning tasks quickly, and with Panasonic’s scanning solutions they are able to solely focus on their primary job functions instead of administrative tasks that accompany the role.

When it was clear that they needed a new document scanner to meet their needs, Continental wanted to be certain that the scanner they invested in would be a valuable asset to the staff who would be using it each day. One of the key reasons for choosing Panasonic was simply that the solutions are known for holding up to the rigor of high-volume scanning and are capable of taking thick paper without sacrificing efficiency.

“One of the challenges our team had was the ability to efficiently scan the stock certificates and other documents that come through for processing. It used to take a lot of time,” said Robert Zubrycki, Vice President of Operation at Continental Stock Transfer & Trust. “When we moved to our new office, we knew we had to make a change, and after testing Panasonic’s scanners, we knew these solutions would be the right fit for the types of scanning we needed to do. We don’t run nice paper through scanners, so durability and reliability were key areas of focus we had when making our decision.”

With other vendors, there was no interaction with a contact prior to selecting the scanner. We mainly just chose the scanner and moved on from there without any real support. In this case, Panasonic and Pioneer have been incredibly responsive and made sure that we had the tools to meet our needs, which is how we know we made the right choice.
Robert Zubrycki Vice President of Operation at Continental Stock Transfer & Trust

Selecting the KV-S8127 scanner fundamentally improved operational efficiency at Continental, enabling
the Company to be quicker and more responsive to client needs. Additionally, the team at Continental was
impressed with how quickly and easily they were able to get the scanners up and running.

“Our primary users are temporary staff from an agency, so training was very important to us,” said Zubrycki. “We found that the training was very simple and users who never scanned before could pick up the process very quickly. Having an intuitive system ultimately meant that we were able to spend more time dedicated to our critical business initiatives. We also have a very good relationship with our reseller, the pricing and service were exceptional when we first started using the scanners, and we’re very pleased with the entire deployment process.”

Once Continental chose the KV-S8127 scanner to support its operations, they saw immediate results. The
team instantly noticed how quickly they were able to complete tasks as well as the top of the line features and functionality, including high speed duplex scanning of up to 240 images per minute, advanced hardware image processing, and Panasonic’s Toughfeed intelligent feed control for scanning a wide range of documents. The team also significantly decreased the backlog of stock certificates that they had in the queue after choosing Panasonic’s scanners to meet their needs.