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Panasonic Steps in to Support School District Scanning 10K Pages per Week

As a school district comprised of 30 different school sites and programs, Broken Arrow Public Schools has 1,094 support employees, 1,198 certified employees and 92 administrative employees for a total of 2,384 employees serving thousands of students. Workers are required to process, organize and file a vast number of documents to keep the district up-and-running, and its scanners serve numerous departments including accounts payable, transportation, tuition reimbursement and child nutrition, among other areas. Oftentimes, workers scan up to 10,000 documents per week of different shapes and sizes, including submitted receipts, printed records or handwritten notes. Without strategic coordination and organization, student outcomes, safety and budgeting can suffer, challenging the very mission of the school district.

Logistically, Broken Arrow Public Schools bases its strategic initiatives on a number of objectives laid out across the schools, to guide the district through technological change. To continue to provide the most impactful experience for students, Broken Arrow Public Schools takes pride in updating its technology to improve efficiency and reduce employee workloads – mainly through the installation of new technology.


Broken Arrow Public School, located just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has over 30 different programs and sites, 2,300 employees and thousands of students – a size at which organization is key to operational efficiency and success. Workers across departments rely on scanners for their document imaging needs, to digitize and electronically store financial documents, student records and HR files, often processing as many as 10,000 pages a week. Recently, to strengthen security and enhance technology as a strategic differentiation, Broken Arrow Public Schools set out in search of a document imaging solution that would provide the speed, durability and security it needed.


To find a solution that would fit its high volume scanning needs with speed and efficiency, Broken Arrow Public Schools turned to trusted partner ImageNet Consulting, whom they had worked with for previous scanner purchases. Familiar with the district’s needs and recent challenges in training, ImageNet recommended Panasonic, and after testing a number of demo units and receiving training and guidance from the team at Panasonic, the district purchased and installed three Panasonic KV-S1057C MKII scanners for their 17 power scanner users across departments.


With their new Panasonic scanners, Broken Arrow Public Schools has been able to improve production with speed and accuracy. Workers across departments are now better able to keep up with the demanding scanning requirements of the district, without having to worry about jams or other mechanical issues getting in the way of their productivity. As an added bonus, the clean, crisp appearance of the scanners has improved and morale of office staff.

As a trusted advisor to Broken Arrow Public Schools, ImageNet Consulting has been called upon to procure document imaging solutions for the district for a number of years. After expanding his relationship with Panasonic, ImageNet’s Enterprise Account Executive Taylor Hackett recommended that the district purchase Panasonic scanners with advanced exchange warranty to improve speed, efficiency and training across departments.

“Panasonic’s customer service is second to none,” Taylor notes. “They are always willing to help, integrate solutions into existing infrastructure and make adjustments when needed. When Broken Arrow Public Schools came to me looking for a new solution to optimize efficiency, I knew that Panasonic’s scanners wouldn’t disappoint – and neither would the service and support that they are backed with.”

KV-s1057c-mk2 s1057c-mkII Panasonic Network scanner for education and office record document management

Within a few days of receiving the demo units, Broken Arrow Public Schools purchased three Panasonic KV-S1057C-MKII scanners, and after a quick video conferencing session with Panasonic support, they were able to quickly and easily install the scanners, without interrupting the staff’s focus or productivity. With this, users were able to begin onboarding and training on these new models as quickly as possible, and significantly reduced downtime.

Broken Arrow employees were impressed by the ease of training with the new scanners even across a workgroup diverse in age, who had become accustomed to previous models. Prior to switching to these new scanners, training was a challenge for this very reason, but the experience was different with Panasonic’s scanners. Workers were encouraged by the lack of issues that arose during training and gained trust in the new machines as a result. Since the installation, no complaints have been reported.

Our experience with Panasonic has been extremely satisfying, reliable, comfortable and supportive. Our contacts have been incredibly responsive and have helped us meet our goals with personalization and care. This experience truly fits our values as a school district that thrives on community spirited vendor relationships.
Cathy Mitchem Executive Director of Finance at Broken Arrow Public Schools

“The reliability of the Panasonic scanners is unparalleled and brings a sense of organization to a department normally bombarded with paperwork,” said Cathy Mitchem, Executive Director of Finance at Broken Arrow Public Schools. “I can’t compliment ImageNet and Panasonic enough because they knew what our issues were and suggested the perfect solution. The scanners were wonderful, easy to set up, easy to use, and met our expectations. We all love the scanners, even our directors who wouldn’t typically use them.”

Following a recent IT threat that shook workers across departments, Broken Arrow has renewed its dedication to data security and keeping the paperless process running smoothly. Now, with their new Panasonic scanners, employees are able to spend less time filing, less time worrying about document retention and are better able to communicate across offices. The district notes that Panasonic was instrumental in making the Cloud conversion faster and easier.

Ultimately, switching to Panasonic’s KV-S1057C-MKII scanners allowed Broken Arrow Public Schools to reduce employee workload and increase operations without increasing staff. These improvements freed up monetary resources to be put towards instruction – the district’s main focus. Cathy Mitchem notes that Panasonic’s personable support staff and ease of implementation and installation has made this all possible.