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Bright Star case study


Helping military veterans transition into a technology career pathway, Bright Star was looking for a technology partner who offers reliable, fast and easy-to-use scanning solutions to support their non-profit eSolutions company.


After searching the marketplace for the best scanning solution to suit their needs, Bright Star turned to Panasonic and deployed the Panasonic KV-S4085CW, a 100 ppm/200 ipm, midvolume production scanner and the Panasonic KV-S1057C to handle the heavy volumes of paperwork and mixed documents the Company processes for their government and private customers.


With the ability to scan virtually any type of document, from business cards to ledger size paper, the KV-S4085CW and the Panasonic KV-S1057C have become an essential scanning solution for Bright Star’s workforce. Coupled with Panasonic’s outstanding customer service, the scanners’ reliability, durability and ease of use have made for easy training and increased productivity while keeping cost down.

Founded by Dorothy Nicholson in 2008, Bright Star is a non-profit eSoutions corporation that helps American Veterans transition from the United States military to forward-looking careers within the Company deploying the newest, leading-edge solutions. Providing records management and document conversion services, Bright Star works with many high-profile government and private enterprises, including:

  •  United States Federal Emergency Management Agency
  •  United States Department of Homeland Security
  •  Office of The Attorney General-New Jersey
  •  New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs
  •  Essex County Division of Welfare
  •  Amtrak
  •  New Jersey Transit

These customers send up to thousands of pages of documents, many confidential, to Bright Star to be captured and converted into images by Panasonic’s mid-to- high volume production document scanners, processed with Panasonic’s Image Capture Plus and returned to them in their preferred digital file format.

“Our relationship with Panasonic started prior to Bright Star at a previous company Dorothy led. When we decided to start Bright Star we searched the marketplace for a scanner that was best suited for a company doing production scanning. We were really after a scanner that could produce high-volume, consistent scanning.”
Christopher Malden Chief Operating Officer, Bright Star

Bright Star researched their options, including many of Panasonic’s competitors, and ultimately agreed that Panasonic was the perfect solution for their scanning needs.

By selecting the Panasonic KV-S4085CW and KV-S1057C as their scanning solution, Bright Star has the tools in place to train their veteran staff, who make up the majority of the company’s workforce, towards a technology career path.

Investing in the future workforce

“Based on their training in the military, veterans are masters of logistics, are goal-oriented, and know how to get the job done right and on time,” said Dorothy Nicholson, founder and CEO of Bright Star. “They also know how to push paper because there’s a lot of paperwork in the military. Given all that, we invested to train them. We can use their training and experience to help them advance and better serve our customers.”

The reliability, durability and ease of use of the Panasonic KV-S4085CW and KV-S1057C make training veterans who have never used a computer or are new to a corporate environment simple. The scanners’ innovative paper feed mechanism feature quickly detects stapled documents and halts scanning to minimize damage to the glass and the document. It also senses double-sheet feeding to prevent information loss, minimizing errors and problems in large scanning runs. Additionally, their high-quality image processing feature produces clear, high-resolution results. And the Auto Erasure Security ensures that sensitive information captured is cleared after each run.

“The thing that made Panasonic so good is its durability. Parts rarely break and when they do, they are very easy to replace. The ability to store spare parts in our office was a game changer for us. We are able to save on the cost of hiring an on-site engineer or third party to replace the parts and can instead, easily train one of our veterans to do it,” added Malden.

Many of Bright Star’s customers have scanning needs that range from small Post-its to very fragile onion skin documents from the 1940s to records that date back to the early 1800s. When looking at their options, they found that Panasonic’s double-feed detection and intelligent feed control were gentle enough to not tearand destroy these fragile documents.

Once Bright Star chose Panasonic to support their operations, they saw immediate results. Not only did they have the solutions in place to train and transition their veteran staff, but they were able to complete each job, no matter the size, with confidence, increased efficiency and decreased cost.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience with Panasonic – from the product reliability to the lifespan of the technology and product as well as their customer service. I wouldn’t use any other scanner.”
Dorothy Nicholson Founder/CEO, Bright Star