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Faced with lengthy processes for scanning critical medical records, Aergo was looking for a trusted vendor to supply them with a solution that could provide efficient and reliable document scanning, enabling end users to be more productive and meet critical business objectives.


Duplitron, a Kyocera company and a Panasonic authorized reseller partner, worked with Aergo to identify the KV-S8127 as an appropriate solution.


The Aergo Solutions staff now has the scanning tools they need to get the job done, giving them more time to focus on other projects because of these trusted solutions.

When it was clear that they needed a new document scanner to complement their existing solution, Aergo
Solutions, a leading full-service provider of healthcare organization technology products and outsource services, wanted to be certain that the scanner they invested in would be a valuable asset to the departments who would be using it each day.

“Our team offers two primary services for hospitals and healthcare organizations: accounts receivable outsourcing and denial management services,” said Anthony Markle, network administrator at Aergo Solutions. “Because of this, our outsource departments receive and share endless amounts of documents throughout the day related to the revenue lifecycle, which contain medical records that must be managed properly and with confidence. Before working with Panasonic, we managed all of our documents manually, which proved to be inefficient and expensive for our business. We knew we needed to make a change.”

Panasonic’s scanners and the capabilities that they offer our team help us stay responsive to client needs and keep us operating at peak productivity. Not only that, the Panasonic team has been incredibly responsive in the event of any troubleshooting issues that needed to be addressed, which is how we know we made the right choice for
our needs. Simply put, the scanners are a huge reason why we’re successful, and we’re very happy customers.
Anthony Markle, Aergo Solutions Network Administrator

Aergo Solutions was first introduced to Panasonic’s scanners when the company selected the KV-S5046H for basic document scanning and medical record sharing. Selecting this scanner fundamentally improved operational efficiency at Aergo Solutions, but the team knew they needed a higher volume scanner to support an added workload after their staff significantly increased in a short period of time. A new document scanner would enable them to be quicker and more responsive to client needs. But beyond that, they wanted a full-service partner that would support them as their needs evolved or if they needed any additional services.

“We worked with Duplitron to identify the best scanner for our needs, one that would complement the existing capabilities of our current scanner while offering faster scanning speeds to help the team meet demand,” said Markle. “We selected the KV-S8127 because of its ability to scan roughly 240 images per minute, an incredibly fast turnaround as medical records can range from 600-1100 pages total, and because of its OCR integration capabilities, which would help us save on costs.”

Once Aergo Solutions chose the KV-S8127 scanner to support its operations, they saw immediate results. The team instantly noticed how quickly they were able to complete tasks as well as the top of the line features and functionality that helped decrease production scanning costs, including the intelligent feed control and staple detection capabilities. They’ve also found that the solution is just as reliable as the original scanner that ultimately led them to choose Panasonic as a partner in the first place.