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Smart Answers for Transportation & Logistics

Ship and deliver faster and more efficiently with smart answers.

Transportation and Logistics True to Your Work


Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® mobile solutions help transportation and logistics workers stay productive the moment the warehouse gets flooded with orders from big box and discount stores. Our mobile solutions provide greater visibility into inventory so you can plan, coordinate and track how goods will get from the warehouse to the customer within the promised time frame without incurring added costs.

Fleet managers can use Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets and handhelds for electronic logging devices (ELD) compliance and to keep trucks running efficiently and safely with access to real-time data that informs scheduling and maintenance. Transit companies can also move passengers to their destinations quickly, efficiently and safely by using mobile technology to monitor schedules & proactively adjust routes to avoid delays.

Our mobile solutions for transportation and logistics operations combine purpose-built TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops, tablets, and handhelds with industry-leading software and services so workers can track, ship and deliver goods more efficiently, work smarter and gain better visibility at every stage of the supply chain.

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Smart Answers for Transportation & Logistics

ELD Compliance:

Since the ELD mandate went into effect, fleet managers have faced several technical challenges, including unreliable devices that can’t stand up to the rigors of a truck environment. Reliable TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets and handhelds can take the wear and tear of extreme weather, vibration, moisture, dust and accidental drops. And devices with strong wireless connectivity performance, long-lasting batteries and easy-to-read glove-touch displays help truckers stay in compliance by being up and running, no matter what the conditions are.

Android for TOUGHBOOK

Migration to Android-based solutions:

If you’re considering transitioning to an Android® OS from Windows® CE or Windows Embedded, Panasonic’s in-house team offers complete support for the entire transition process. We can take your legacy system software and rapidly develop a platform-agnostic version that can run across multiple versions of operating systems like Android or Windows 10. You can now use existing hardware or upgrade and deploy a variety of new laptop, tablet, and handhelds across your workforce, confident that your app is compatible.

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Smart Answers for Transportation & Logistics

Deployment and vehicle mounting

For a complete solution, fleet managers can look beyond mobile computers and software to services and accessories that help ensure a successful deployment. Panasonic’s ProServices team helps you plan, deploy and maintain your mobile solutions with a tailored package of strong warranties and services that help you solve specific organizational challenges while supporting IT and vehicle drivers. Check out our IT deployment services video to learn more.

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