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Smart Answers for Food Industry

Make food supply chain operations faster and more efficient with smart answers.

Food Industry True to Your Work

Consumers expect a wide variety of high-quality and fresh food-and-beverage products where they shop—from a dozen types of lettuce to 25 different mustards. To keep shelves stocked and provide your customers with an enhanced shopping experience, Panasonic’s mobile solutions help workers gain visibility into food supply chain operations and manage inventory more efficiently.

Our mobile solutions combine purpose-built, rugged TOUGHBOOK® laptops, tablets and handheld devices with industry-leading software and services. TOUGHBOOK mobile devices feature exceptional durability, angled barcode scanners, long-lasting product and battery life, swappable batteries that last across multiple shifts, and an ecosystem of accessories, such as pistol grips and payment sleeves.

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Smart Answers for Food Industry

Keep it fresh

When it comes to perishable items like milk, bread and produce, balancing inventory is critical. Mobile solutions using Panasonic TOUGHBOOK mobile devices improve the efficiency of direct store delivery operations by helping workers manage expiration dates and rotate stock. So your customers can enjoy shelves stocked with fresh products. Managers can also take advantage of predictive analytics to better plan food logistics, understand inventory demands and gain historical insights to set timing for sales and other savings events.

Android for TOUGHBOOK

Move to Android-based solutions with ease

Panasonic’s in-house team offers complete support for the entire transition process. We can take your legacy system software and rapidly develop a platform-agnostic version that can run across multiple versions of operating systems like Android® or Windows® 10. You can use existing hardware or upgrade and deploy a variety of new mobile devices across your workforce, confident that your app is compatible.

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Smart Answers for Food Industry

Ready to work when you are

Our Panasonic ProServices team can help you plan, deploy and maintain your mobile solutions with a tailored package of strong warranties and value-added services. We make sure devices are ready to go right out of the box, saving IT time and getting workers up to speed quickly. Check out our IT deployment services video to learn more.

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