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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK®¬ secure mobile solutions help military personnel execute their missions safely and effectively. Move people and materials more efficiently to the theater of operations and boost warfighters’ abilities in the combat zone with access to real-time intelligence that improves situational awareness, speeds informed decision-making and improves communications, no matter what the conditions.

Our mobile solutions combine purpose-built rugged TOUGHBOOK hardware with industry-leading software and services so military personnel can work with ease and greater efficiency in any situation.

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The modern battlefield

Our solutions enable the warfighter to create a portable command-and-control post on the battlefield to access real-time information. Purpose-built with the military user in mind, our TOUGHBOOK rugged computers, tablets and handhelds undergo rigorous MIL-SPEC testing to make sure they can withstand rough handling, extreme weather, vibrations, sand, mud and more in the field. Want to learn more about next-gen mobile devices for the battlefield?


Ready at a moment's notice

Improve military readiness with faster, more efficient combat and transport vehicle maintenance for land, air and sea. With digitized maintenance manuals and data, mobile technology provides visibility into parts inventory and technical specs with a few quick taps or screen touches. With hazardous location certification on several TOUGHBOOK models, personnel can work more safely around fuel and other potentially explosive environments. Discover how the U.S. Navy is using rugged mobility to improve military readiness.

Toughbook Product CollageResilient and agile logistics for improved efficiency

Mobile solutions improve the efficiency of military logistics, helping workers make sure the right number and type of supplies and equipment get to the right place. Real-time visibility into inventory and materials helps workers in supply or maintenance depots remotely access and order from multiple logistics systems. Panasonic handhelds such as the TOUGHBOOK N1 are designed for the supply chain worker while being rugged enough for military use. They feature a powerful quad-core processor; an angled, rear-facing barcode reader; and a long-lasting, quick-charging swappable battery.

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Protect mission data from security threats

Panasonic mobile computers are designed with enterprise-level security to help you comply with government regulations. Hardware-level security certifications include Trusted Platform Module 1.2 or 2.0 and FIPS 140-2–compliant encryption. TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops are also NIST BIOS compliant to protect against unauthorized modification and are available with removable hard drives, cable locks and accessories such as fingerprint and smart-card readers to authenticate user access. Our Mobility Application services can help you increase protection and control of your TOUGHBOOK computers with dual-factor authentication and remote data and device protection.

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