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DCC Nurse Call System

Exceptional care where it really matters

Exclusive care, exclusive assurance and exclusive quality are at the heart of Panasonic’s promise to help senior living communities serve their residents better. DCC Nurse Call System: exceptional care where it really matters.

DCC Nurse call system - Exclusively from Panasonic


Built on the powerful Direct Care Connect DCC™ Nurse Call software developed by Poltys Inc., this scalable, cost-effective life safety communications and alarm management system is the lifeline between residents and care providers in independent/assisted living communities and long-term care facilities.

As the exclusive distributor of the DCC Nurse Call System, Panasonic can assure you that uncompromising safety and security is the top priority. This system provides always-on, connected care that dramatically speeds up resident-caregiver communication. With state-of-the-art tracking technology and sensors, it can facilitate resident monitoring and reduce response time.

Targeted alert messages empower your team to work smarter and more efficiently, minimizing the risk of alarm fatigue. Staff can use sophisticated reporting and analysis software to prioritize and manage levels of care. This structured approach lowers stress levels and gives employees peace of mind about residents’ well-being.

In short, the DCC Nurse Call System enables you to balance the needs of residents and staff, while staying profitable.

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Alarm Generating Devices – pendant on person

Wearable pendants enable residents to call for help from anywhere in the building with the push of a button. Pendants equipped with fall detection automatically alert the care team whenever an incident occurs. In addition to sending alert messages, pendants also transmit residents’ location to the staff, minimizing the response time for each call. The DCC Nurse Call System can be configured to continuously monitor each resident’s location through their pendant and, optionally, generate an alarm whenever they wander outside a designated safe zone. All pendants are waterproof and may be worn on the wrist or on a lanyard around the neck.

Alarm Generating Devices – environmental

Wireless sensors monitor the conditions inside residents’ rooms and the facility’s common areas, alerting staff of changing or unsafe conditions. Sensors are available to detect door and window opens, falls from beds or chairs, bathroom flooding, temperature, and humidity. The DCC Nurse Call System also supports heart rate monitors and body temperature sensors, plus it can be integrated with industry-standard fire panels, keyless entry systems, and security networks.

Alarm Generating Devices – pull cord/coms hub/bed station

The Communication Hub is a stationary, in-room emergency call unit. It features convenient one-touch speed dialling to the care team using a dedicated call button, an optional pull cord, or a third-party plunger cord. When necessary, staff can remotely initiate two-way voice communication with residents via the Hub’s auto-answer speakerphone. Each Communication Hub includes a Bluetooth gateway for connecting other alarm generating devices, such as wireless bed fall monitors and door sensors, to the DCC Nurse Call System. Senior living communities can send content such as daily announcements, menus and activity schedules through each resident’s Hub to their TV. The Communication Hub supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Inovonics commercial wireless networks.

Network Options – Inovonics and BLE

Wireless communication within the DCC Nurse Call System passes through Inovonics commercial network infrastructure. An optional real-time location system (RTLS) uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and receivers to achieve room-level accuracy. BLE location data may be transmitted wirelessly or via Ethernet to an IP Gateway that forwards it to the Inovonics Cloud for analysis.

Software Capabilities

The DCC Nurse Call System features several productivity software applications. The Enhanced Dashboard keeps caregivers on task by providing a user-friendly list of active alerts that can be sorted by priority or location. The Dashboard also gives managers the ability to optimize staff allocation, improve workflows and configure alert options. To help caregivers respond as quickly as possible to each call, Map Viewer shows the real-time location of residents and staff members on a layout of the building floor plan; it can also display the location of tagged assets. The Supervisor Console includes powerful analytics features that enable administrators to track key metrics like staff performance, alarm activity and response times. Administrators can also use the Console’s reporting module to generate detailed resident profiles, which are instrumental in setting levels of care and responding to family members’ concerns.

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Direct Care Connect DCC™ EX (DCC EX) is a Nurse Call System designed for the entire range of eldercare and senior living needs, from retirement homes to assisted living and long-term care facilities.
The PYEN1221S60W waterproof pendant is small, light and comfortable to wear. It provides advanced functionality and reliability to enhance the user experience.
front of PYCH700-01 communications hub
The Communication Hub is a versatile emergency call unit. It offers instant staff-to-resident voice contact, extensive alarm capabilities and unrivalled support for external health and sensing devices.
The residents are pleased that we have this added safety feature. It also gives families peace of mind to know that their loved ones will be cared for.
Candise Nicholson Executive Director The Jacob