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Full HD Zoom Certified PTZ Camera


Product details

PTZ cameras play an increasingly important role in teleworking such as online meetings and online classes. The AW-HE20 offers high image quality, wide shooting angle and high-magnification zoom to provide more comfortable communication through high-quality video images and stable transmission. The AW-HE20 is compatible with a wide range of systems such as SDI, HDMI, USB and IP, thus allowing flexible camera setup and operation. The AW-HE20 is a high-quality entry model. The compact unit can be installed in a small place without getting in the way.

Key features

  • High quality video streaming for more comfortable online communication
  • Excellent system flexibility to achieve smart wiring and smooth operation
  • Compact size and excellent functionality that do not disturb the existing video streaming environment
  • New camera web interface with expanded control and dark mode

Specification Description
Resolution HD
Sensor size 1/2.8
Field of view 71 degrees
Frame rate HD 30p
Optical zoom 12x
Image stabilization No
SDI 3G x 1
HDMI 4K 30p
Genlock No
ND filter No
FreeD tracking data No
Zoom Certified Yes
PoE PoE+
Control Serial/IP/IR
Optical fibre No
HD cropping No
Audio 3.5mm, unbalanced audio

Zoom Certified USB Camera

The AW-HE20 supports UVC so it can be used with an existing USB-based system. A single LAN cable can be used to connect multiple camera units to a PC, allowing wire-saving installation and configuration of a simple and compact system. By using the free PTZ Virtual USB Driver software, the AW-HE20 can be used as a web camera linkable to an online conference service via LAN cable even when the USB cable cannot reach the camera installation location such as a ceiling.

With Zoom certification and a dedicated mode (USB: Video Conference), the AW-HE20W/K is ideal for web conferencing.