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Brushless Motor & Hybrid Switch

Brushless Motor & Hybrid Switch

The ultra-compact and high power brushless motor improves efficiency, performance and incorporates rare earth magnets for faster working speeds, high power density, about doubling the life of the motor. Ideal for heavy load applications.

Brushless Motor


  • Compact reduces overall length of tool
  • High power for heavy load applications
  • 2X Longer life than brushed motors
  • 25% More energy efficient than brushed
  • Low maintenance – no brushes to wear out
  • Runs cooler

Hybrid Switch

Panasonic's hybrid switch is a breakthrough in cordless tools making them much more robust providing a longer life, switch carries <0.5 amp vs. conventional tool switches carry 20-30 amps and about doubling the life of the tool.


  • Low amperage working current only 0.5 amps.
  • 2X Longer life than conventional switches
  • Prevents premature deterioration of contacts


Watch our hybrid switch and brushless motor in action.

Panasonic's innovative long-life components provide lower running costs!