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Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy

Indoor Air Quality


The bath fan is rarely the first thing that comes to mind when people think about remodeling their bathroom. But the exhaust fan can easily be the most important decision you make when planning a bath remodel.


The bath fan can play a key role in your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants

by exhausting more than one room at once, controlling moisture, operating automatically or quietly and continuously running at a low level. Because bathrooms create so much moisture in a home, it is important to quickly exhaust the moist air to the outside before it condenses on the walls, ceiling, and windows. Efficient air movement means a properly sized fan, a short duct run, smooth-walled ductwork, few or no elbows in the ducting, and a damper that doesn’t restrict airflow. Typical bathrooms need a fan that can exhaust 1 cubic foot of air per minute (CFM) for each square foot of floor space. A single 100 CFM exhaust fan can handle a typical 100 sq. ft. bathroom with no separate water closet or tub. More complicated bathrooms require more fans: one for the water closet, one for the jet tub, one for the shower, etc. The size fan that you need may increase for complicated duct runs.


Efficient exhausting is even more challenging when part of a remodel because you don’t always have the flexibility to put the fan where you want to. Duct runs may need to be longer and have more elbows in a retrofit design than could be in a new-construction design. Available space above the ceiling could also be a concern as many fans on the market are too deep to fit in some ceiling cavities.

After figuring out fan placement and duct layout, consider how the fans will be operated — manually, automatically, semi-automatically, or continuously, it’s time to choose your fan.

With the right fan, a clear exit strategy, and versatile control center, a quiet, efficient bath fan can improve indoor air quality and home comfort. Panasonic has an array of fans to solve your remodeling ventilation needs.

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