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Solutions for in-cabin comfort

Our in-depth understanding of mechatronic controls, displays, and electronics has led to technologies which make the driving experience better. From comfort to safety and packaging, we deliver products for a vast amount of OEM demands.

Heating solutions for driver comfort

Trying to change radio stations or turn up the volume while wearing gloves or holding a cold steering wheel can be difficult and unpleasant. Panasonic Automotive heating solutions can provide enhanced driver comfort on a cold day.

Tailored switches for every environment

Whether its the central control panel for the in-vehicle infotainment, HVAC controls, or any other switches, Panasonic can tailor the interior design to  meet customer needs. These controls form the foundation of the in-vehicle user interface. Our high level of vertical integration (e.g. in-house molding, painting, production) leads to best-in-class quality.

We offer push switches in a variety of sizes and push travel, as well as both non-locking and self-locking styles. This multi-functional switch allows for smaller packaging, better user experience and improved design. The technology lets drivers control a reconfigurable display to engage multiple functions without increasing the number of physical switches in the vehicle. 

Adaptable for specific and challenging vehicle interiors

Smart materials can assume any shape, even those impossible to manufacture with original materials. Materials can adapt to serve multiple functions and be manipulated to illuminate, animate, and display trip information, such as cabin temperature or estimated time. Read more about the Smart Design Cockpit featured at CES 2018 showcasing electronics embedded within beautifully designed interiors. 


smart material

Clean your cabin with nanoe™

Panasonic developed technology for producing nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles, nanoe™, that improves air quality. nanoe inactivates viruses and bacteria to create a healthier environment and remove unpleasant odors. It makes every corner of the car cabin clean and fresh. Experiments have proven a long list of the benefits of the “electrostatic atomized water particle,” generated by cutting-edge nanotechnology.

nanoe™ technology generates nano-sized water particles by gathering invisible moisture in the air and applying high voltage. These electrified water particles are called "electrostatic atomized water" and contain highly reactive components that easily affect a wide variety of substances such as inhibiting growth of viruses or bacteria.