Audio software

Sound that is authentic, artistic and emotional

We’re providing the future sound experience, today. Incomparable soundscapes delivered from the top audio brands, including ELS Studio, Fender and Blue Note, offer a wide range of audio profiles to satisfy even the most discerning music aficionado.

Fender Premium Audio®

The raw emotion of a live performance

One companion that every driver has when they hit the road is the music they love. Panasonic Automotive and Fender combine precision engineering and a passion for innovation to deliver an emotional  sound experience to drivers everywhere. This collaboration benefits from Fender's historic expertise in sound and sound amplification together with our knowledge of in-vehicle audio systems.

The Fender Premium Audio System was designed early in the vehicle development process, ensuring powerful low-frequency response, accurate imaging and uncompromised clarity. Each system is embedded in the vehicle's interior design, allowing consumers to enjoy this unique experience each time they take to the open road.

Now, the best seats in the house are in the first three rows

The Fender Premium Audio System is a featured option in the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV. The all-new VW Atlas is available with the most advanced Fender Premium Audio System to date – featuring 12 speakers and 480 watts of amplifier power.
ELS Studio® Premium Audio

Precision crafted audio performance

An exclusive system for Acura vehicles, ELS Studio® Premium Audio provides drivers with an uncompromised emotional listening experience that makes drivers feel as if they are in a recording studio. Drawing upon a rich leadership in audio technology, Panasonic Automotive engineering integrates precision tuning for a one-of-a-kind automotive innovation that creates unique sound characteristics similar to those present in studio recordings. Proprietary features such as Acoustic Motion Control™ create the ultimate listening experience for any music genre. 

To create ELS Studio® Premium Audio, we collaborated with 8-time Grammy® Award-winning producer and engineer Elliot Scheiner – a recognized leader in recording and mixing who has worked with music legends, including The Eagles, Faith Hill, Queen, Sting, Van Morrison, Ben Folds, Joe Jackson, Beyonce and Foo Fighters.

Driving a passion for music, ELS Studio Premium Audio is advancing the capabilities of automotive audio performance. Propriety speaker technology has enabled optimized designs that are more energy efficient for today’s vehicle landscape, with better sound quality.

From the studio, to your Acura vehicle

The premium audio system, branded "ELS Studio® Premium Audio System," after Scheiner's industry recognized moniker "ELS," was introduced in 2003 on the Acura TL, and due to its success is now available in all Acura models globally, including the ILX, TLX, RDX, MDX, NSX & RLX. The "ELS Studio" designation serves to distinguish this system as the ultimate automotive listening experience.

Discussing the system, Scheiner said, “With ELS Studio® we can finally capture and reproduce music the way we hear it in the studio.”
Blue Note® Premium Audio

Authentic, ageless sound

Some music is so powerful and authentic that it transcends time. Blue Note Records has produced this type of music since 1939 through jazz and an art-first philosophy. Over seven decades have passed since Blue Note Records changed the game for recorded Jazz. Since then, the label has grown to incorporate other genres of music which embody the same authentic, art-first philosophy that created the brand. Blue Note is committed to broadening its reach by fully connecting with enthusiasts, aficionados and lovers of music, – while remaining true to its "artist first" heritage.

Panasonic Automotive partnered with Blue Note to ensure that this legendary sound continues to be delivered through custom branded audio systems for the global automotive market. Blue Note® Premium Audio provides exclusive content for Panasonic Automotive's customers and a performance-driven sound that is timeless.

Proprietary technology to enrich the audio experience

Continual innovations keep elevating sound experiences at Panasonic Automotive. To reduce unwanted noise, Acoustic Motion Control™ assists in diminishing speaker vibrations and door rattles, while our active noise cancellation (ANC) looks to tune out everything else. When it comes to improving the sound drivers want, enhancements to MP3 playback and unique sound processing are helping to drive consumer’s passion for music.

Recent innovations in energy efficiency, including lightweight speakers and woofers, are helping reduce system cost, weight, and design complexity. Optimized speaker designs are delivering improved sound distribution and quality. New microphone technologies are allowing more advanced noise cancellation, voice recognition and features, like in-car communication.

Under a new U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rule all electric and hybrid-fuel cars will be required to produce noise when traveling at low speeds to prevent these vehicles from injuring pedestrians, especially people who are blind or are visually impaired.