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Premium audio – and beyond

Technology is becoming more connected – and it’s redefining the possibilities for your car’s sound system. At Panasonic, we're building on decades of award-winning in-car audio expertise with innovative new technologies that reduce distractions and elevate the passenger experience. In short, we’re leveraging our premiere audio systems to make driving safer and more enjoyable for travelers.

Immerse yourself in ELS STUDIO 3D

The high performing ELS STUDIO systems are available throughout the Acura vehicle line-up. Now, the ELS STUDIO 3D premium audio system brings the precision-crafted audio performance of the recording studio to the all-new Acura RDX. Developed in collaboration with 8-time Grammy Award winning recording engineer/producer, Elliot Scheiner, the ELS STUDIO 3D system brings out the artistry and emotion of the recording studio.

Featuring Panasonic Automotive’s proprietary HIGHLINE® speaker technology, and ACOUSTIC MOTION CONTROL™, the system enables both drivers and passengers to enjoy an immersive audio experience with extreme clarity and detail throughout the vehicle. Upon its launch in the market, ELS STUDIO 3D received Business Insider’s award for best automotive audio system.

Fender® Premium Audio system, powered by Panasonic Automotive

Since 1946, Fender has been synonymous with technological innovation in the music world. Their equipment has shaped the sounds of some of the most exciting musicians, from Dick Dale to Yo La Tengo. We’ve combined that unparalleled passion for music with our decades-long portfolio of sound design to develop the Fender Premium Audio System.

Launching with Nissan in 2018, the latest Fender Premium Audio system is now available on the new 2020 Nissan Titan. These trucks are equipped with 12 speakers and 480 watts of power to deliver the full sonic and emotional experience of your favorite artists. The Titan is the first Nissan vehicle to feature Panasonic’s proprietary ACOUSTIC MOTION CONTROL™ technology. This reduces the vibration in the individual speakers to produce a full, detailed sound unlike any other.

Derived from the segment-defining Volkswagen Atlas, the all-new 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 5-passenger SUV is the latest VW vehicle to feature the Fender Premium Audio system. Panasonic engineers and designers worked meticulously to develop a sound system that performs well at all volume levels and provides outstanding harmonics. In terms of both sound and aesthetics, everyone in the vehicle can now enjoy the best seat in the house. The Fender Premium Audio System first appeared in the 2011 VW Passat and is also available on select Volkswagen Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Atlas models.

Bringing the audiophile experience to the automobile with Klipsch

For more than 70 years, Indianapolis-based Klipsch® has been providing high-performance speakers, headphones, sound systems and other entertainment products in the United States. Recently, Panasonic and Klipsch® entered an exclusive collaboration to deliver the audiophile-quality performance people associate with the revered “Klipsch Sound” to the in-vehicle experience. The collaboration with Panasonic marks Klipsch’s entry into the automotive audio industry.

Klipsch® is famous for their engaging listening experiences and their uncompromising commitment to excellence. Panasonic works with the world’s leading vehicle makers, start-ups and new entrants to help define the future of transportation. Together, Panasonic Automotive and Klipsch technically and artfully engineer the brand’s signature sound of realism into a vehicle.

The sounds you want, without the noise

Continual innovations keep elevating sound experiences at Panasonic Automotive. To reduce unwanted noise, Acoustic Motion Control™ assists in diminishing speaker vibrations and door rattles, while our active noise cancellation (ANC) looks to tune out everything else. When it comes to improving the sound drivers want, enhancements to MP3 playback and unique sound processing are helping to drive consumer’s passion for music.

Recent innovations in energy efficiency, including lightweight speakers and woofers, are helping reduce system cost, weight, and design complexity. Optimized speaker designs are delivering improved sound distribution and quality. New microphone technologies are allowing more advanced noise cancellation, voice recognition and features, like in-car communication.

Audio solutions based on data

Sound is very complex – especially in a small, reflective space such as a vehicle’s cabin. By placing microphones inside the car, we're able to collect and measure sounds using software in real time. It’s big data for your own sound system. And it means a more intuitive, seamless and safer traveling experience. Imagine a car stereo smart enough to recognize a voice coming from the driver seat and amplify that in the back seats. This means not having to turn your head to talk to your kids, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Autonomy and audio

As cars become more autonomous, travelers will have more opportunity to enjoy their commute through more immersive audio experiences. Innovations such as zoned audio allow passengers to hear the content they want and filter out the sounds they do not. This this means providing multiple passengers in shared cabins the ability to customize their audio experience, from the music on the stereo to the conversation inside the vehicle.