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AutoDVS – Automotive Digital Visual Solutions

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Display and Manage Content Across Your Dealership

Elevate the experience of every customer that walks through your doors by showing captivating videos, commercial-free TV, and customized brand messages on stunning, elegant displays.

AutoDVS provides a sophisticated platform to engage customers in every area of your dealership. It’s all managed with easy-to-use software and ongoing support from the experienced Panasonic Connect team. Don’t miss an opportunity to make an impact and engage your customers.

Deliver the Right Content in the Right Place


Creating an impactful, unified customer experience starts with displaying engaging content across all areas of your dealership.

With AutoDVS, you’ll be able to display dealership-specific content. You’ll also have access to ready-made, customizable videos and a lineup of your favorite themed commercial-free TV channels, such as sports, finance, news, and weather.

If you need help creating additional content, you’ll be able to take advantage of Panasonic Connect’s team of experienced designers.

  • Dealer-specific content
  • Custom content – calls-to-action, tips, upselling opportunities
  • Price menus, timely offers, appointment scheduling



World-Class Display Solutions

A powerful presentation comes to life on vibrant LED displays. We offer the highest quality, commercial-grade displays, ensuring that your content always makes an impact.

  • Longer-lasting and durable displays
  • High brightness, greater contrast
  • Increased viewing angles with reduced glare
  • Monitored by Panasonic Connect to ensure there’s no downtime



An Easy-to-Use Management Platform

Spend less time thinking about your content platform and more time selling vehicles. With minimal training, your staff will be utilizing a full range of user-friendly management tools that connect and control content in every area of your dealership.

  • Provides seamless content delivery
  • Easy-to-use management tools
  • Make changes in real time
  • Control locally or remotely



No downtime. No black screens.

Never miss an opportunity to engage a customer. With AutoDVS, you’ll be able to take advantage of ongoing professional service and support from an established company.

  • 24-hour support from our Help Desk
  • Warranty – Available in Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels
  • Panasonic Connect monitors systems remotely to catch problems even before you do


Learn How AutoDVS has Helped Make Sales

“The high-end displays enhance my showroom and the content entertains, engages, and drives sales for my dealership.” – Peter Amin, Infiniti of San Jose


Learn how AutoDVS - Automotive Digital Visual Solutions enables dealerships to easily manage and display content.