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audio visual technology

Technology is moving faster than ever before.

And it's changing the way we learn, work and communicate in corporate offices, educational campuses and just about any other place people gather.

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How will today’s buildings be ready for tomorrow’s technology? By incorporating emerging technologies that bridge the digital and physical worlds to deliver immersive, engaging and memorable experiences.

Buildings that last

Creating the spaces where we work and learn has never been easy, but now it requires more bandwidth and experience than ever before. In addition to bringing seamless, immersive experiences into their designs via BIM Modeling, consultants, architects and designers must be well versed in the latest technological advances. For every project — especially those that re-design and re-define an existing property — ever-changing regulatory requirements, such as the American Disabilities Act (ADA), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification programs, as well as local building codes, must be understood, evaluated and followed in today’s design criteria.

Obstacles become opportunities

Even with such challenges, new building designs are offering interesting and innovative ways to collaborate and communicate. How is this possible? It’s all thanks to the consultants, architects and designers — experts who apply their knowledge of everything from structural and environmental code changes to advanced visual technologies. They understand the design and construction needs of educational and corporate campuses change fast and often. For visual technologies, they turn to Panasonic for flexible, reliable and dependable projector and professional display solutions. Our visual technologies transform obstacles into opportunities that engage, enlighten and inspire. 

Sometimes, however, consultants, architects and designers miss that emerge when designing for innovation. To help teams spot big mistakes before they're built into a space, we created a white paper highlighting unfortunately common problems to spot and avoid.


Student-centric learning succeeds with emerging technology solutions

As educational institutions refine their learning experiences, Panasonic bolsters these efforts by providing the tools that equip evolving physical — and virtual — classrooms. Laser projection technology with stellar image quality, compelling, informative digital signage, flexible camera equipment and easy-to-move enhanced audio are common solutions.

Then there’s the uncommon — a revolutionary video wall at New Jersey Institute of Technology that empowers students to communicate, collaborate and learn via distant lecturers and with other universities.

Workers thrive in offices with advanced technology

In offices, too, tech is changing the way we work. One proof point: the popularity of huddle rooms — collaborative workspaces equipped with technologies that accommodate today’s bandwidth hungry requirements. They boast great connectivity, supported by equipment that’s reliable, easy to install and has a low total cost of ownership. Panasonic professional imaging and video technologies power huddle spaces coast to coast so today’s businesses can collaborate in real time.

Engaging experiences inspire and endure

Shared, engaging experiences bring people together. Whether designed for learning, working or both, venues which enable collaboration to share ideas are critical for success.

Resources for Consultants, Architects and Designers