ET-D75LE50 3-Chip DLP™ Projector Zoom Lens

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Product details

Fixed-Focus Lens

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F value 2.5
Focal distance (f) 14.8 mm
Throw ratio 0.7:1 for PT-DZ21K/DZ8700/DZ110X (16:10 aspect ratio),
0.8:1 for PT-DS20K/DS8500/DS100X (4:3 aspect ratio),
0.8:1 for PT-DW17K/DW8300/DW90X (16:9 aspect ratio)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 160 x 160 x 347 mm (6-5/16 x 6-5/16 x 13-21/32 inches)
Weight Approximately 7.1 kg (15.7 lbs)
Applicable projector [Group A] PT-DZ21K/DZ21K2/DS20K/DS20K2/DW17K/DW17K2/DZ16K/DZ16K2
Applicable projector [Group B] PT-DZ13K/DS12K/DW11K/DZ10K/DZ8700/DZ110K/DS8500/DS1100K/DW8300/DW90K
Applicable projector [Group C] PT-RZ12K/RS11K