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AW-RM50AG Professional PTZ Camera Remote

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Product details

The AW-RM50AG infrared wireless remote control enables users to control and make various adjustments to Panasonic PRO PTZ Cameras using simple, intuitive button operations. Users can control up to four PTZ Cameras with one AW-RM50AG remote along with camera pan/tilt/zoom. The remote control also features a preset function, allowing the registration of up to 12 camera shooting positions and single press recall with preset memory buttons. The AW-RM50AG is also equipped with a range of camera image adjustment functions, such as focus, manual iris control and color adjustment, to make full use of the performance offered by Panasonic PRO PTZ Cameras. The OSD (camera menu) can be displayed on an external monitor, enabling the adjustment of advanced camera settings with this single device. The AW-RM50AG offers excellent operability when utilizing PRO PTZ Cameras in small spaces such as small classrooms or conference rooms.

Key features

  • Remote for quick Panasonic PRO PTZ Camera control and adjustment
  • Intuitive design that builds on existing wireless remote controllers while improving ease of use
  • Allows control of up to four Panasonic PRO PTZ cameras with one remote
  • Built in preset function for saving and recalling up to 12 camera presets
  • Full range of camera adjustment functions, including focus, manual iris control, and color adjustment
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Specification Description
Power Requirement DC3V (size “AA” , "R6" or "LR6" dry battery x 2)*1 *1:Obtained separately.
Mass Approx. 92 g (0.20 lbs.) *4: Excluding dry batteries.
Dimensions (mm) 53 mm x 27.3 mm x 200 mm
Dimensions (inch) 2-1/16 inches x 1-5/6 inches x 7-7/8 inches

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