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Intelligent Cordless screwdriver series

∙ Transducerized DC Tools
∙ Programmable Clutch Tools
∙ Programmable DC Tools
∙ Available in Pistol Grip, Right Angle, & Inline
∙ Built-in Wi-Fi option
∙ Built-in Barcode Scanner option

Advanced Charging technology
∙ Multi-bay chargers
∙ Capacity measurement system

Controller for wireless communication with tools for enhanced line control.

HS Technik Full Line Catalog

HST Technic

∙ Micro Sensor Torque Driver (1.4 – 710 in -ozf)
∙ Intelligent Rotary Transducers
∙ Intelligent Stationary Transducers
∙ Intelligent Compression Force Sensors
∙ Accuracy Class 0.1% of F.S.R
∙ Compact, portable, fully integrated system
∙ USB Plug & Play Technology

n gineric Full Line Catalog

ngineric Image