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Our Mission

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LEAC - Our Mission

The TOUGHBOOK Law Enforcement Advisory Council opens the door for collective sharing and dialogue on advancements in law enforcement technology. Council members actively address the technology needs for their respective agencies.

Our Mission

The Law Enforcement Advisory Council will impart their experiences, provide insight and utilize their knowledge of technology to improve workflow efficiencies for officer effectiveness and enable situational awareness. The strength of the council is derived from its members who are actively addressing the technology needs for their respective agencies. The collective expertise of the council will bring forward benefits to the law-enforcement community as-a-whole.




With members from agencies across the nation, the council hosts forums that consist of panel discussions, focus groups and council meetings. The group collaborates with other Public Safety entities to gain a holistic understanding of officer safety and wellness.

For more information about the Law Enforcement Advisory Council, or to join, please contact [email protected].