8K ROI (Region of Interest) Technology

8k roi region of interest camera panasonic system

One 8K Camera for Four Independent Virtual PTZ Controlled HD 1080p Feeds

Panasonic has developed a new 8K ROI (Region of Interest) multi-camera system, changing the landscape of broadcast production by allowing up to four different HD images to be produced from a single 8K camera.

Available from the summer of 2019, the system improves operational efficiency, by allowing four separate crops from an 8K image canvas, reducing operating costs on a multitude of potential production applications. 

Featuring automated picture correction technology, the camera system also ensures that any distorted images are corrected and cropped with a natural, cut out, Full HD image from within the main 8K image.

Region of Interest camera for sports mulitcamera multiregion AI automated live production rental and staging studio camera

Multiple Camera Views

Camera views can be controlled directly or be driven in response to moves made by a master camera view. In this mode an operator controls one master camera view which is linked to further sub-cameras; responses are pre-programmed during set up. After set up is complete, a single operator can control multiple cameras from the 8K ROI view. This system can be expanded to multiple linked 8K ROI cameras, so a single master camera operator can drive multiple views from multiple camera positions, driving six or more shots for a cost-effective single operator, multi-camera production.

8K ROI Region of Interest Broadcast Box Camera System

Advanced Operation Made Simple

The system is able to reduce operational costs dramatically on many common events, making it well suited to sports broadcasting, staging and studio applications. In addition, it helps increase revenue within live events because less space is required to house cameras within venues.

The new 8K ROI camera system is developed to bring an automated workflow to your live production. All “regions of interest” can be configured to move simultaneously as you make adjustments to your primary crop window. This allows you to keep focused on the action by reducing the need for re-framing each individual region during the live production.

“By changing from multiple cameras to Panasonic’s newly launched 8K region of interest camera, production companies are able to significantly reduce costs without impacting on the immersive experience they are looking to create,” said Michael Bergeron, Product Manager of Studio Camera Systems at Panasonic. “To date, 8K has been reserved for only niche usage. These developments bring it down to earth, to a level that can benefit the entire industry.”

Pushing the Limits at Live Events with the 8K ROI System

8K ZoneIQ Smart Multicamera Video Production for Sports Applications

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