Our Commitment to Sustainability


Whether it’s in the small moments in our everyday lives or the larger, global needs that connect us all, our mission has always been to develop the solutions that can inspire hope for a better future. At Panasonic, we recognize the most immediate challenge in creating a better world for all is addressing the urgent needs presented by the climate crisis.

That is why Panasonic is committed to ecologically producing sustainable technologies that create a healthier planet where we can all thrive. New approaches to battery recycling and cobalt reclamation, investing in renewable energy, and innovating products that are built to last are some of the ways we’re making an impact.

By imagining a better future – and by working to make it a reality – we hope to create the foundation for a more just, fair and prosperous society, thereby enabling people to live their best, most fulfilling lives.


Moving forward in addressing the climate crisis starts with an honest assessment of our own impact on the environ: Panasonic emits 2.2 million tons of CO2 annually because of its business operations. The emissions resulting from the worldwide customer use of our product are estimated to be more than 88 million tons. Together, these figures are estimated to amount to 1% of the world’s total electricity consumption.

Our GREEN IMPACT initiative is a promise to do better. With GREEN IMPACT, we’ll reduce the CO2 emissions of our business operations to net-zero by 2030. We will accomplish this by implementing renewable energy systems at each site, as well as utilizing solar and hydrogen energy technologies.

Through strengthening our efforts in this area – and providing our energy-saving solutions to our customers in the business and government spaces – we will work to help create more sustainable systems and build a greener, more equitable future.

#PlantItForward With Panasonic

At Panasonic, we understand the importance of pairing our words with measurable action. That's why we're deepening our commitment to sustainability and building upon our long history of creating technologies that minimize our impact on the planet. As we strive towards our goal of achieving net-zero by 2030, we’re simultaneously finding new ways to give back to the environment.

This year, we're proud to announce our first-ever sustainability challenge. In partnership with One Tree Planted, we’ll plant a tree for every person who:

  • Gets Social: Tell us about your sustainability resolution or reshare Panasonic’s sustainable commitments on Instagram or Twitter by tagging Panasonic and using the hashtag #PlantItForward.
  • Explores the digital experience: Collect all four badges throughout the digital experience and share on Instagram or Twitter by tagging Panasonic and using the hashtag #PlantItForward.

Taken collectively, small changes can have a big impact. Join us on our journey today and have a part in rebuilding a home for wildlife while contributing to a greener, healthier, more equitable future. Help us #PlantItForward.