Meet Croqy

A new handwritten interactive memo device

Physical notetaking meets digital technology with the new Croqy from Shiftall, a Panasonic subsidiary. This innovative internet-connected electronic memo device provides a completely new notetaking and doodling experience.

Croqy with doodles on it

In a digital world, handwriting is still relevant

There is a charm to handwriting that gets lost in a digital world. Using Croqy, we combine the art of handwriting with the digital experience. Jot down a quick note or add a drawing or doodle using the Croqy screen and stylus. Your message automatically gets synchronized with the others in your network.

CROQY with text and doodles on screen

Connect with others

Sharing your notes, messages, drawings and doodles on the Croqy is as easy as “write & send.” Using the internet, you can synchronize your Croqy device with others who have a device. If a message is shared and you are away from your device, you have the option to use the dedicated mobile application to retrieve the message.


  • Easy to use: Just connect, write and send.
  • Long battery life: A single charge can last up to a month without powering off.
  • Mobile device compatible: Dedicated smartphone application.

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