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Discover your aura

Human Insight Technology offers insight into our well-being

Knowing yourself is the starting point of accepting diverse values and forging positive relationships, not only with the people you’re close to, but also with people of various backgrounds and cultures.

Using human insight technology that enables our "aura" to become visible, we have created an installation that will help us intuitively understand our true nature through a new meditative experience. This "aura meditation" will contribute to creating a bright, balanced and accepting future.

CES Aura Meditation Spotlight human insight technology

Human Insight Technology

Based on the analysis of facial expressions and feelings, Human Insight Technology can help you adjust your mindset and well-being.

  • Visualize yourself sensually and objectively by discovering your condition as an “aura” in real time.​ 
  • Utilize a combination of human insight technology and feedback design to visualize an invisible part of yourself.
  • Realize societal well-being with respect for diversity.

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