LUMIX S5II camera



For years LUMIX has been an innovative powerhouse within the imaging space. First in mirrorless, LUMIX has been dedicated to empowering creators across the globe with true hybrid photo and video performance. With the launch of the S Series in 2019, LUMIX propelled themselves into a market hungry for resolution, dynamic range, color and detail. When LUMIX S5 hit the market in 2020, it very quickly built up a reputation as the best-value full frame hybrid camera on the market.

And today, LUMIX is ecstatic to announce the newest member of the S-Series, LUMIX S5II, the first LUMIX camera to feature a Phase Detection Autofocus system. The new 779 point Phase Hybrid AF system delivers speed and accuracy to capture your target subject even in the most challenging scenes with multiple subjects, backlit or low-light environments.

The S5II is not just an upgrade…the camera features a powerful new engine, and brand new technology across image stabilization, sensor, heat management and professional video capability. A member of the L-Mount Alliance, LUMIX is a pioneering brand in creator freedom and choice. S5MII users can choose lenses from LUMIX, Leica or Sigma, with over 100 compatible lenses available. And to support creators in the social media era, the S5MII offers flexible framing to easily capture and deliver across 16:9, 9:16, 5:4 and 4:3 aspect ratios.