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How The Human Bean Raised Its Customer Satisfaction and Team Productivity with Panasonic Connect’s Attune HD® Drive-Thru Communication System.


Several of The Human Bean locations were looking for a different, more cost-effective solution to improve the communication between their employees and customers. They wanted to avoid overpaying for a sound system riddled with static that resulted in team frustration and order errors.


A number of The Human Bean locations installed Panasonic Connect's Attune HD Communications System, with digital noise reduction technology that delivers the clearest, noise-free sound between customers and employees, for faster service and minimized errors.


Panasonic Connect's Attune HD Communications System has helped streamline operations – with clearer team and customers communications and reduced errors.

In 1998, two husband and wife teams opened the first The Human Bean drive-thru coffee location in Southern Oregon. Their commitment was to provide customers with the very best quality products – and equally important – to give back to their local community. Today, The Human Bean franchise family spans hundreds of open and in development locations across the country, and their mission remains the same today: “To inspire authentic human connections – with a bean on top.”


When The Human Bean needed a higher quality, cost-effective solution to improve communications at their current and future franchise locations, they turned to Panasonic Connect, the leaders in durability, to help better connect team members with customers – and each other. The Attune HD is the next generation, drive-thru communication system that features four levels of digital noise reduction technology. Now, team members and customers experience crystal-clear, noise-free sound without annoying auditory distractions.

There is no frequency disruption because the Attune HD operates on a unique frequency to avoid interfering with nearby devices, with three microphones that detect and cancel out three different types of noises, including burst noises like loud sirens and ice machines, drone noises like traffic or electronic equipment and background noises like indoor chatter from the front of the house.

The lightweight and durable headsets are the most advanced in the industry, with ear cushions that can be run through the dishwasher to sanitize them – a Panasonic exclusive.


Installation of the Attune HD system was easy, straightforward, and required minimal training. The system was up and running right away. Leslee Swanson, Director of Franchise Engagement, described how the Attune HD system has helped maximize staff efficiency and minimize errors, saying, “The audio quality of the Attune HD system from Panasonic Connect is fantastic! Our baristas say it is easier for them to communicate with each other regardless of where they are – at the drive-thru window, at different workstations, or outside, interacting with our customers.” She continued, “By switching to the Attune HD System, we have more efficient communication and operations, with less errors. Now, our team can clearly hear customers’ orders – and each other – and nothing else. Drink orders are ready for customers by the time they reach the pick-up window, which further enhances their experience at The Human Bean.”

For The Human Bean, our focus is always on our customer's experience. We recognize that our customers are taking time out of their busy schedules to stop at The Human Bean. We want it to be the best part of their day, not a frustrating, time consuming experience. Speed and accuracy for our baristas is important, and Attune HD is helping us achieve this goal.
Leslee Swanson Director of Franchise Engagement


The Human Bean respects that customers have a wide array of choices when it comes to coffee, tea and infused energy, so it’s crucial to provide the highest levels of products and service with a smile to keep them coming back. The Attune HD system offers that next-level sound that is essential to an efficient, smoothly running drive-thru operation. Team members no longer have to say, “Can you please repeat that?” to their customers and they can clearly communicate and work together, regardless of where they’re at in the shop. That makes for happy baristas that serve the right order to happy customers every single time. 


Panasonic Connect is proud to partner with a thriving, philanthropic company like The Human Bean, that cares so deeply about making a difference in the communities they serve and runs their business with the motto of “a little kindness goes a long way.” Providing more of their shops with next-level technology to clearly connect with customers and team members is what motivates us as their strategic partner, now and in the future.

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