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X-Series Cameras

Our new i-PRO X-series cameras take imaging to a whole new level by providing intelligent video analytics at the edge while maximizing network and bandwidth efficiencies.


These highly intelligent new cameras employ an advanced AI engine with on-board analytics to detect suspicious changes in scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analyzed, and optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

i-PRO X-series cameras will be available in outdoor and indoor vandal-resistant domes, as well as bullet-resistant configurations. Features include: H.265 compression and smart coding to increase bandwidth efficiency and reduce storage requirements; color night vision for use in low-light conditions; and Intelligent Auto (iA) with Super Dynamic functions for enhanced dynamic range in scenes with varying lighting conditions.

Additionally, all i-PRO X-series cameras are bundled with a Video Insight VMS camera license and a five-year warranty.


Key benefits of X-Series

  • 5MP 30fps
  • Color night vision
  • Super Dynamic
  • IR illumination
  • H.265
  • Easy installation
  • IK10 vandal resistant and IP66 water and dust rated
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available for third party application development
  • Five-year Warranty
  • Bundled with Video Insight Camera License


I-PRO X-Series cameras AI functionality currently incudes:

  • AI Detection & Identification of faces, humans, vehicles, and two-wheel motorcycles and/or bicycles
  • AI Privacy Guard pixilates faces and/or human figures to protect personal identities
  • AI Intelligent Auto optimizes image quality settings, including shutter speed, auto exposure, gamma correction, and noise reduction
  • AI Smart Coding optimizes video compression to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements
  • AI-Video Motion Detection (VMD) detects loitering, cross line and movement direction while reducing false alarms caused by swaying trees and plants, shadows and reflections, and rain

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High precision detection & identification

Built-in AI engine to precisely detect and identify faces, humans, vehicles and two-wheeled motorcycles/bicycles that allow you to upgrade to advanced video surveillance solutions.



Vehicle, human, bicycle

Detect & identify objects in scene


Optimizing image quality setting - AI intelligent auto

Improving visibility of monitoring objects by optimizing image quality utilizing AI intelligent feature.


shutter speed, auto-exposure, gamma correction, noise reduction
  • Shutter speed
  • Auto exposure
  • Gamma correction
  • Noise reduction

Conventional i-PRO camera

Super Dynamic: OFF
Intelligent Auto: OFF

New i-PRO 5MP WV-X2551L

Super Dynamic: ON
AI Intelligent Auto: ON


Optimizing video compression - AI smart coding

Utilizing AI smart coding to optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capabilities.


It reduces bit rate by controlling the image quality of still areas, moving areas, and faces with AI engine.


Bit rate

New i-PRO
Smart coding
AI smart coding

I-PRO Camera Application Platform

A program where unique applications developed by app partners
can be installed in i-PRO network cameras