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Why choose Panasonic interior doors?

Design, Durablity, Safety & Technology

The natural-looking beauty of wood is achieved using materials that combine the look of wood grain that is as strong as it is durable.


Door panel finish

Innovative new building materials that reproduce the comfort and feel of real wood. The attractive combinations of glass/acrylic and wood let light in and offers a sense of openness to the space.



Door panel construction

Even our tall doors resist warping. Incorporating a metal frame inside the door structure with its high panel rigidity makes it much more resistant to warping.



Swinging door unique features

Our swinging door designs feature effortless opening and closing. User friendly for any age category.



Sliding door unique features

Our sliding door designs feature high-quality Japanese manufactured parts to ensure maintenance-free operation.



Designs featuring simplicity & elegance

These features not only improve the look of your home, they improve your lifestyle & safety as well.