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Warehousing Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Streamlining one of the supply chain’s most vital links

The warehouse, that bustling hub of activity, is getting smarter and more efficient – thanks to a connected workforce and a digital supply chain strategy built on Panasonic solutions.

In the vastness of every warehouse, there’s always room to improve operations

Competitive supply chain management today requires you to leverage every technological innovation you can. That includes making workers more productive with rugged tablets and computers, and other digital tools like mobile POS.

A warehouse is no place for kid gloves

While workers strive to be careful with fragile cargo, they’re sometimes less gentle with their equipment. That’s why we make the most reliable, durable line of mobile computers in existence. Mount them on a forklift, drop them on the dock, leave them out in the snow – they’ll keep you online and productive no matter how rough things get. And speaking of gloves, our touch-screens work with bare hands or work gloves.

2% failure rate, lowest in the mobile industry

Because smarter warehousing depends on extending technology to every corner of your operation, we design for maximum connectivity, uptime and ergonomics. That means entire devices tuned for maximum reception. Triple-shift battery life with dual battery slots and hot swap technology. And angled barcode scanners to reduce repetitive motion for pickers.

Some older forklift solutions were keyboard-driven. Now we have large, customizable buttons and a touch screen. It’s very easy.
Dustin Braddock Network Administrator, Wellington Industries

Move pallet after pallet just by lifting a finger

Coordinating a large distribution operation, warehouse and cargo managers need all-day access to data. The right technology can streamline how they collect and share it. Our mobile devices never fail to pull in all critical information, from cloud-based management to bar code data, thanks to built-in cameras. If there’s an issue with a shipment or even staffing, managers have effective solutions right at hand.

With Panasonic, you’re purchasing a solution, not just devices. That greatly reduces complexity for IT, letting them focus on strategic support rather than deployment services or engineering support.

A bird’s eye view of product movement

With intelligent warehouse insights, you can pinpoint what’s happening with shipments in your warehouse and beyond. Our leading-edge solution combines bar code scanning, video surveillance and other technologies for instant visual intelligence so you can quickly spot warehouse interruptions and track damage and loss back to its source.

Following through to the end of the line

We know every box or crate is on its way to somewhere else. So our logistics solutions include mobile POS tools to help put our customers’ product directly into consumer hands. In retail locations, for example, our tablets can be configured to display inventory and enable secure payment right on the spot.

A smoother-running warehouse

With customer orders rolling in 24/7 and fulfillment rolling out in real time, businesses in all industries can benefit from enhanced support. By helping make warehouses as efficient as they can be, we’re taking significant slack out of the supply chain every day.

Boosting business growth by 20%

Winn Solutions, the leader in cloud-based barcode tracking technology software, switched to Panasonic Android handhelds. Since then, they’ve experienced zero device failures, reported a significant decrease in customer support time and freed up IT budget, growing their business by 20%.