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Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

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Ventilation solutions designed beyond the code

Panasonic’s advanced ventilation systems improve indoor air quality to create healthier homes.


Ventilation systems that set a new standard for indoor air quality

Designed beyond the code, builders, contractors and homeowners rely on Panasonic for ventilation solutions that effectively create a healthier standard of living in any environment. From spot ventilation fans, in-line fans and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), Panasonic ventilation systems are built for power, quality, and the ability to move air more effectively. The quality of our solutions guarantees customer satisfaction, and promotes clean, healthy indoor spaces. 


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Discover the benefits of choosing Panasonic


  • Whole home ventilation

    Our whole home ventilation solutions work by mechanically bringing in fresh outdoor air to routinely replace the stale, moist and polluted air within the home. The result is a healthy and comfortable living environment.

  • Advanced Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

    Our ERV units provide truly balanced ventilation for single family and multi-family dwellings by transferring air between the interior and exterior of the home while minimizing energy loss. It’s ideal for Canada’s seasonal climate and provides energy saving benefits.

  • Powerful and quiet operation

    Fully enclosed DC (ECM) motors assure remarkable performance and quiet operation in every space. With Panasonic SmartFlow™ Technology you will get the promised CFM output rating for every fan, and optimal control.

  • Long life guarantees

    Permanently lubricated motors are engineered for trouble-free, continuous operation for 30,000 hours on AC motors, and upwards of 60,000 hours on DC (ECM) motors, along with rust-proof paint and galvanized housing.

  • Energy savings

    When it comes to energy efficiency, our wattage requirements are among the lowest in the industry. Our fans have also been engineered to comply with ENERGY STAR® requirements for increased efficiency in operation. 

  • Easy installation

    Integrated duct adapters, adjustable mounting brackets (up to 24" o.c.), fan/motor units that easily detach from the housing and uncomplicated wiring all lend to user-friendly installation. Double hanger bar systems allow for ideal positioning.

Why choose ERV?

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) do everything an HRV system does, while also controlling the humidity exchange. This solution will affect heating and cooling costs and energy savings benefits. Green building trends promote healthy homes through balanced ventilation solutions. That’s why, our versatile ERV systems replace stale air with the optimal supply of fresh air throughout the day.

Discover ERV benefits:

  • Controlled and balanced humidity that achieves whole home comfort
  • Ideal for climates with seasonal changes between hot and cold temperatures
  • Does not require a drain line, allowing for an easier installation than an HRV solution 
  • Energy savings that will affect the cost of heating and cooling

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Riviera Electric chooses Panasonic ventilation

For a new residential construction project in Oakville, Riviera Electric was responsible for sourcing and installing ventilation fans in the new homes. The company was looking for a solution that was quick and easy to install for their contractors, and vents that were quiet and energy efficient for the new homeowners. Read about the Panasonic EcoVent solution that was “energy efficient, quiet, and easy to install”.

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Healthy Homes eBook

For the next generation of health-conscious consumers, wellness starts at home, as increasingly more people look to get their living spaces in shape. Read about how Panasonic is addressing the demands of the today’s homeowner, with innovative ventilation products that promote a healthy home life. 

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