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Automotive & Manufacturing

Mobility solutions that drive progress forward

The adoption of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices is helping the Automotive and Manufacturing sectors make the shift to mobile operations.


Meeting the Mobile Technology Needs of Automotive Manufacturing & Maintenance

A new generation of automation is poised to transform automotive manufacturing, which combines the power of robots and the collaborative intellect of humans. Rugged devices are engineered to assist with a variety of activities, such as coordinating processes with several divisions, improving vehicle safety, enhancing the health of workers and increasing production cycles. The automotive manufacturing plant is an intricate and complicated system that requires extremely high levels of precision automation to convert raw steel into a smart, connected motorized vehicle. This exacting and detailed production has been nearly all computerized, automated and streamlined for efficiencies and to reduce the risk of errors and malfunctions.

Not all devices are created equal. In situations where failure is not an option, Manufacturing operations trust Panasonic devices, because they are more than five times more reliable than the average consumer laptop. Rugged technology – including notebooks, tablets, and handheld devices – are built to comply with the military standard MIL-STD-810G, which incorporates specific testing parameters for durability, endurance, and strength. That means, you’re making an investment in the kind of technology that will pay off both today, and in the future.

Leading the industry in product success rates, Panasonic combines market expertise with purpose-built devices and experience that help customers reach their business goals. Learn about how an investment in rugged technology is a smart one for the world’s toughest users.

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