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The TOUGH Talks are a series of digital talks, webinars and Q&A's with experts from Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and our partners. 

We'll be covering industry specific topics, top technology tips for businesses and useful insight all of which can be accessed for free online. 
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  • About TOUGH Talks

    Covering industry specific topics, top technology tips for businesses and useful insights. 

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    People interested in keeping up with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, technology trends and the World of Mobility.

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    Make informed business decisions with the latest technology trends.  

Upcoming webinars

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 at 2:00 pm
In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the TOUGHBOOK 33 Mk2. Bringing better performance, greater flexibility, enhanced functionality and more security, the TOUGHBOOK 33 Mk2 updates were driven by the evolving needs of mobile workers in extreme field conditions every day.


Watch past webinars (On demand)

In this webinar we teach you to go beyond MDM with our TOUGHBOOK Smart Service Suite. Through an engaging conversation and active demonstrations, we show you the benefit of gaining deeper insights into your devices to diagnose problems affecting performance and productivity.


In this webinar we discuss our latest “Mobility as a Service” whitepaper and present our TOUGHBOOK as a Service program.


This webinar provides an in-depth presentation of our new Android tablet TOUGHBOOK FZ-A3, followed by questions and answers.

3rd annual B2M state of enterprise mobility survey and report

For the third year in a row, Panasonic’s global partner B2M Solutions released its survey of enterprise mobility and the underlying issues affecting both IT and frontline workers. In this webinar, B2M presents key findings of the research report, and discusses solutions to overcome these hidden issues and ensures investments made in mobile devices and applications are being realized.

Toughbook Absolute - Presenter: Steve Deck, Senior Director of global channel sales, Abosolute Software

Real-time mobile access to business critical and business sensitive information is a requirement. Join Steve Deck, Senior Director of Global Channel Sales at Absolute, to learn about the state of endpoint resilience. See how Absolute, already embedded in the firmware of your TOUGHBOOK, provides an unbreakable digital tether to ensure compliance, data security and effective lifecycle management of your endpoints.