Sophisticated Projection Technology

Large-venue, Installation, Portable and Short-throw Projectors

From large venues, corporate boardrooms, universities and houses of worship, Panasonic professional projectors and displays can help enhance performance and bring your message to life.


With more than 35 years of experience in developing professional projectors, we at Panasonic have continued to evolve our technology and explore new applications, all with an eye on the needs of our customers.

Whether it is for a large-scale art installation, a church, a meeting room or a classroom, every Panasonic projector is designed for maximum reliability, minimal to zero maintenance and an exceptional experience.

What can you expect from Panasonic projectors and displays? Endless possibilities.

  • Designed for maximum reliability, minimal maintenance and an exceptional experience
  • SOLID SHINE Laser technology provides reliability and long-lasting, uniform brightness that is unprecedented by conventional lamp-based projectors
  • 4K-equipment resolution is accessible to a wider variety of applications by shrinking projector weight and cabinet size while delivering massive pixel-free images
  • DIGITAL LINK is an all-in-one data transmission solution that simplifies projector installation and reduces costs
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, internationally recognized for quality / environmental management control

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Lecture hall

Classroom AV Solutions for Higher Education

From small classrooms to big classrooms, lecture halls or auditoriums, Panasonic has a wide range of high-brightness; zero-maintenance and short-throw projectors that can improve the learning experience for all students in schools, universities and colleges.

We are taking higher education to new heights. Discover how Panasonic laser projectors can help amplify your lesson plans and engage students.


AV Solutions for House of Worship

Enhance your worship experience and strengthen members’ engagement with Panasonic projectors for churches and houses of worship. Whether you are in the pews enjoying the church choir or delivering a sermon to your congregation, Panasonic audio visual solution can intensify vivid images and crystal-clear song and hymn lyrics to captivate your audience.

Looking for high quality and affordable projectors for your church? We have customized projection solution for churches and places of worship.


Large Venue Entertainment Solutions

Gathering a large crowd to attend an event is challenging. Panasonic zero maintenance, reliable and high quality laser projectors help you engage with every member of your audience and leave a long-lasting impression. Panasonic Large venue projectors are ideal for use in stadiums, auditoriums, concert halls, theatres, trade shows or any other indoor or outdoor events. Working closely with AV integrators, architects and consultants, we bring unique and professional audio visual projection technology to life.

Perhaps the best example of our end-to-end capabilities is the Olympics. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been bringing the world’s greatest sports spectacle to screens worldwide.

Office meeting

AV Solutions for Business

Designed for meeting rooms and small to large-scale boardrooms, Panasonic is continuously developing technologically advanced projection solutions.

From high-resolution imaging to networked system technology, Panasonic has reliable and cost-effective projectors to meet your conference room needs.

Let us show you how Panasonic projectors can help amplify your content.

…we simply could not have done the Francis Alys exhibition without Panasonic’s support. This was a media heavy exhibition in a fairly challenging exhibition space (ie. existing light levels) and the quality of the product helped us achieve an excellent level of presentation.
AGO Chief of Exhibitions and Collection, Christy Thompson
When we chose Panasonic we knew we were getting the best laser technology in the world but it was still a surprise to see such power, vibrancy and quality coming out of those 30K projectors. Our main tableau here in Montréal was huge in scale and ran three times a week, every night with no graininess or maintenances needed.
Montréal en Histoires