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Smart Lockers

The next generation of off-premise ordering is here

Today's on-the-go consumers want convenient dining options that fit seamlessly into their busy lives. With smart locker technology from Panasonic, you can provide guests with an easy and secure option to retrieve take-out orders at peak freshness.


Take-out orders are on the rise, and with this influx of take-out orders comes a whole host of challenges for restaurants and food-service providers: congestion at the counter, long lines at the drive-thru, order theft and more.

Panasonic's easy-to-use smart food lockers enable a secure, efficient and contactless pick-up experience for customers and delivery drivers alike. With smart lockers, you can streamline your take-out operations to save time, increase order accuracy and reduce labor costs while providing the on-demand convenience that your customers have come to expect.


Features & benefits

A streamlined solution for any space

No one wants to deal with bottlenecks and long wait times - especially when they're hungry! With smart lockers, you can create a dedicated space for take-out orders that cuts down counter congestion, reduces drive-offs, and frees up staff by eliminating interactions with take-out customers and delivery drivers.

Temperature controlled for safety and freshness

Customers expect their orders to be at peak freshness – no matter when they come to collect. Panasonic's insulated smart lockers can be individually configured to store food at temperatures as hot as 100 degrees and as cold as 28 degrees, ensuring satisfied customers and safe, delicious food.

No more wrong orders

Traditional take-out leaves lots of room for human error – when customers or staff must sort through dozens of seemingly identical bags, it's easy to grab the wrong order by accident. Smart lockers eliminate this problem by ensuring that orders are immediately placed in a secure locker that only the customer can unlock.

An integrated or stand-alone solution

Our smart locker hardware can integrate with your native ordering system, as well as popular third-party delivery apps, for a seamless take-out experience. Not using an online ordering system? No problem! Our smart lockers work as a stand-alone fulfillment system as well, allowing you to be up and running in no time.

Worry-free service and maintenance

Our smart locker solution comes with comprehensive service, including a 24/7 helpdesk, remote software support and next-business-day on-site support. Our service package ensures that any critical issue – hardware, software, maintenance and more – is addressed promptly and at no additional charge.

Who we serve

Our versatile smart food lockers can be adapted to nearly any restaurant or food service environment. Find out how we can meet your business' unique needs.

Fast casual restaurants

Known for their speedy service, this sector is no stranger to take-out and delivery order fulfilment. However, many fast casual restaurants have been managing these orders with solutions that lead to cold food, stolen orders and long lines, creating a poor experience for customers, delivery drivers and employees alike. With smart food lockers, these restaurants can streamline their operations and ensure that customers' food stays fresh until pickup.

Quick-service restaurants (QSR)

When QSR customers place an online order, they're generally given a choice to pick up their order inside or at the drive-thru window. This creates congestion in two key areas: at the counter, where employees must interrupt their flow to hand off the order, and at the drive-thru, where long lines can lead to drive-offs as potential customers opt for speedier options. Imagine the ROI if you could remove even five cars per hour from your drive-thru line!

Dine-in Restaurants

Restaurants have seen a significant increase in take-out orders as customers have opted for greater convenience. Unfortunately, this influx of take-out orders can be taxing on your host/hostess, who can spend up to 5 minutes per customer searching for, retrieving and handing off the order. With smart lockers, dine-in restaurants can reduce this time to as little as 30 seconds by eliminating the need for person-to-person interaction.

Colleges and Universities

Many schools are utilizing technology to deliver innovative on-campus dining experiences to busy students. With food lockers, students can easily order online, pay with their meal plan and pick up their food quickly from a secure location. By skipping the line, students can maximize precious time between classes, using that time to relax or study.

Office Buildings

Office workers often have limited time for lunch, especially during crunch times. With smart food lockers, busy employees can order from their on-site cafeteria via a mobile app or online portal, then pick up their orders quickly between meetings, leading to increased efficiency and shorter lines at the register.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Meal time in a busy hospital can mean substantial lines and long wait times - not an optimal experience for time-pressed doctors, nurses and staff. With smart lockers set up in a communal location, hospital cafeterias and on-site QSRs can provide speedy and convenient service to healthcare workers while reducing congestion at the counter.

Case Study: Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is re-inventing a classic staple of Chinese cuisine with its wide selection of diner-inspired flavors, including pastrami, gyro and Philly cheesesteak. But the innovation extends beyond the unique and creative menu – this 24-hour dumpling shop is reviving the grab-and-go automat concept for a new generation with its "zero human interaction" experience.

The process is simple. First, the customer places an order online or via a self-service kiosk at the restaurant. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop receives the order and prepares it. When the order is ready, the customer receives a text to let them know it's time to pick up their food. The customer then retrieves their food from a secure, temperature-controlled locker that opens after scanning a barcode on his or her mobile device.

By integrating into Brooklyn Dumpling shop's POS system, Panasonic's food lockers are enabling a fast, secure and seamless take-out solution from start to finish – creating a "futuristic" experience that saves money and delights customers.

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